Well-known Youtuber Shmee 150 Confirms Sto Purchase

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I guess most of you will at least have seen a few YouTube videos from Shmee 150, whose real name is Tim, but his very impressive fleet of Shmeemobiles, each with its own, bespoke license plate, has been seen by millions all over the world already.

Shmee 150 is one of the more popular automotive YouTubers out there, with 2.2 million subscribers, he has access to some of the most interesting super and hypercars out there, car makers invite him to do a review on their new cars, and he has a habit of buying great cars for his own fleet, some he keeps for only a short period in time, others stay on as ‘Shmeemobile’ a lot longer.

Shmee 150 huracan sto 6


Among Tim’s current collection is the famous McLaren Senna, finished in MSO custom two-tone blue, and a dark red metallic Ford GT which he used on a road trip in the United States of America not too long ago … much to the agony of local law enforcement, as he kept his UK license plate on the Ford GT.

He also owns a very impressive Mercedes G63 AMG, which he bought in black, but had color-coded to match the McLaren Senna two-tone blue, as he intends to use the G-Wagon to pull a trailer with the Senna on it to various events and tracks.

Yes, Shmee 150 drives his cars regularly, he even takes them on the legendary Nordschleife – Nürburgring and really pushes these supercars, but while he had several Ferrari, Aston Martin, McLaren, and other makes in his garage earlier, he never had a Lamborghini … yet.

Shmee 150 huracan sto 3

That is about to change this year, as he confirmed his order on the brand new Lamborghini Huracán STO, the second deposit was sent over, and now it’s time to go through the specifications for a late 2021 delivery of the Shmee 150 STO.

In his video on the Huracán STO, he mentions he will probably not go for the presentation livery, but instead create something wild, and bespoke for him, a unique STO in true Shmee 150 style, and that will probably mean he’ll be going through the Ad Personam studio, I for one can’t wait to see what Tim will come up with.

So will he create a Lamborghini Huracan STO to match the McLaren Senna he already owns, so in a two-tone blue livery? But as this is an Italian car, the Tricolore should be used too, perhaps on the rear wing, or the brake calipers. Tim already mentioned the optional wheels in his video, so he is most likely going to opt for those too.

Shmee 150 huracan sto 8

I think it would be amazing if Shmee 150 goes for a blue livery, but combined with clear carbon fiber, that would really suit the rest of his collection of cars, and make his Huracán STO something really special, and bespoke. Usually, he does some wild exterior combinations, but most of his cars come with dark or black wheels, so I think his Lamborghini will receive black wheels too.

On the interior, things are usually a bit more subtle, with touches of color, but for the rest mostly dark again, but on the Lamborghini Huracán STO he might bring a touch of blue onto the seats to match the exterior … just take a look at some of the renders I did … I hope Shmee 150 will be inspired by them.