Lamborghini Model Evolution Over The Next Years

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It is clear the Lamborghini Aventador reign is about to end at Sant’Agata, the successor could even be introduced later this year already, although personally, I think it will be 2022 before we see a new V12 flagship from Lamborghini.

The Aventador successor

Styling on the new Lamborghini V12 is still unclear as usual, but if we take a look at the past, they usually give some hints away with the final edition of a certain series, or the special, limited-edition versions so we could expect an updated styling from the Veneno and Centenario, mixed with the looks of the one-off SC20 that will create the next-generation Aventador.

Future lamborghini 1

What is however certain, is the fact the normally aspirated V12 will remain, for now, but it will receive help from electric motors, the next-generation flagship will be a hybrid for sure, perhaps further down the development it will become fully electric, but the first model will still have a gas-burning combustion engine.

If the new Lamborghini does get introduced later this year, in 2021, it will close a decade of Aventador production since 2011, with a total production well above 10,000 units, as that figure was reached in September 2020 already, making the Aventador, by far, the most successful V12 in the history of Lamborghini.

And the production of the Aventador might be coming to an end later this year, at this time they are building the SVJ and SVJ Roadster, the ’63’ special editions, the Xago limited edition, and they are finalizing the Sian production. Many Lamborghini Sian are being delivered to their customers as we speak, while the Sian Roadster production is about to get started too so if they keep up production over the next 6 or 7 months, we might be seeing a conversion of the assembly line over the Summer with the successor ‘production prototypes’ being assembled towards the end of 2021.

The Huracán, next steps

The Lamborghini Huracán isn’t being replaced in 2021 yet, but rumor has it the recently unveiled STO will be the last model update for the famous Lamborghini V10, we already have the mid-life facelift model as the Huracán EVO and EVO Spyder, both also available in RWD form too, so there is nothing left to create in the current V10 lineup.

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It is 99% sure there will be no Huracán STO Spyder, and an EVO Performante is not even mentioned anymore since the STO took the position of the light-weight, performance version for the EVO.

What might still be unveiled are some special, limited-edition models based on the current EVO and EVO RWD models, some end-of-the-line version as we’ve seen when the Gallardo was being phased out in the early 2000’s until a true replacement comes around by 2023 or so.

In the case of the Huracán successor, Lamborghini hasn’t confirmed the V10 engine will remain as with the V12 flagship model, but it is certain the new ‘entry-level’ Bull will be at least a hybrid too, but there are rumors an Audi sourced V8 twin-turbo engine might be used on a common chassis architecture, much like we’ve seen with the Urus.

The Urus evolution

The Lamborghini Urus Super SUV is a big success, with production numbers quickly surpassing any previous model total’s, the Urus will the most popular Lamborghini ever, and at this time the model is still in her original stages of evolution.

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So there is still a lot more to come in the Urus lineup before we will see a successor in this market segment, the first logical step will be the Urus Hybrid. With the Bentley Bentayga Hybrid being available, it will only be a matter of time before a Urus Hybrid gets introduced.

At first, we were all thinking the Urus Hybrid would bring more power to the 650 hp, twin-turbo V8 engine of the actual Urus, but Bentley took a different approach by adding a 126 hp electric motor to a V6 engine, with a total of 443 hp the Bentayga Hybrid is the cheapest, entry-level version. Will Lamborghini take a similar route, and create the Urus Hybrid is a cheaper alternative to the current model?

It has been four years now since the Lamborghini Urus was introduced, back in 2017, so we will probably be seeing the mid-life evolution, complete with a facelift either in 2022 or 2023 at the latest I wonder if it will be a big change or just subtle tweaks to the current design.

The fourth Bull

In an interview with AUTOcar in late 2019, Maurizio Reggiani, R&D director at Lamborghini, talked about the possibility of adding a fourth model to the lineup if the success of the Urus continued, well, it seems this is certainly the case.

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Lamborghini might be ready to unveil a new GT model based on the J1 platform that is used on the Porsche Taycan and the Audi E-Tron GT at this time, both large, fully electric cars. These cars are both four-door sedans, but the possibility is there for Lamborghini to create a 2+2, 2-door GT on this platform, that would bring back memories of the 400 GT 2+2, the Islero, and the Jarama. Even the large Espada comes to mind again, but personally, I would love to see an evolution of the Estoque concept by 2025, a four-door super sedan.

So it’s clear that Stephan Winkelmann will have more than enough opportunities to shape the future of Automobili Lamborghini SpA since his return on December 1, 2020, the Aventador’s successor development may be too far completed for any major changes, but the Huracán replacement, the Urus facelift, and a possible fourth model will be enough of a challenge for Winkelmann to stay busy.