Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

The balance of performance, looks, theater, tech and driving experience has never been better.

Lamborghini aventador svj - guide - 2019 lamborghini aventador svj
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Lamborghini aventador svj
Aventador SVJ
2019 - Present
900 units
V12, 60°, MPI
770 bhp @ 8500 rpm
531 ft lbs @ 6,750 rpm
0 - 60 mph
2.8 seconds
Top Speed
217 mph

Automobili Lamborghini SpA has officially unveiled their new Aventador SVJ at Monterey, in California, the United States of America after a few teasers, a lot of spy shots and even a track experience by major car magazine, we now know exactly how the car looks, and what the specifics are and the performance matches the looks.

So the Aventador SVJ has become a limited edition model after all, there was  rumor they would build as much as were ordered (similar to the Huracan Performante), but the press release now states only 900 will be built in coupé form (there is a Roadster still to be unveiled later on, probably with similar production numbers) oh wait, there will also be 63 additional special edition SVJ built, called the SVJ63 in celebration to the year Lamborghini was founded, 1963.


While the Aventador SV was based on the LP700-4 edition, this new SVJ is based on the Aventador S, so there are a few updates like the rear wheel steering system for instance, but also a power increase of 20hp up to a total of 770hp at 8,50 rpm for the SVJ, so you could call it the Aventador LP770-4 SVJ, but Lamborghini is no longer using this type of denomination for their models today.

The Aventador SVJ will most likely become the last naturally aspirated V12 powered car to be built in Sant’Agata, the successor has been confirmed to be a hybrid, so the Super Veloce Jota will become a very important car in the future, this is an instant collectible and the figures aren’t bad either.

With 770 hp at 8,500 rpm and a torque value of 720Nm at 6,750 rpm to propel a dry weight of 1,525 kg (the same weight as the Aventador SV) to a maximum top speed of over 350 km/h, acceleration figures of 2.8 seconds to 100 km/h from a standstill and a mere 8.6 seconds to reach 200 km/h the Aventador SVJ boasts an impressive power to weight ratio of  0.50 hp/kg.

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And while numbers do show the potential of the new Aventador SVJ, which set a new world record for production cars on the famous Nürurgring-Nordschleife track in Germany at 6:44.97 minutes, this SVJ was also developed into a true driver’s car, not just a track weapon for the weekend.

Aventador SVJ Interior & Exterior Design

The Aventador SVJ is a showcase of new technology and aerodynamics the SVJ comes with ALA 2.0, the now-famous Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva system first seen on the Huracan Performante, again flaps in the front bumper and inside the new rear wing control the air flow as needed for any specific situation, both on the road and on the track.

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The rear wing has a central air intake, but internally there are two separate ducts that can be opened and closed independently, so in a high-speed curve the system can put more downforce on one wheel and release downforce on the opposite one the entire underbody of the SVJ has been specifically designed for this purpose.

Compared to the Aventador SV, the SVJ comes with a 40% increase in downforce while drag is 1% less thanks to the redesigned aerodynamics on the upper body of the SVJ, Lamborghini achieved a 70% increase over the SV the ALA system will keep all flaps closed for the maximum downforce in corners, but for acceleration and to reach top speed the flaps are opened for less drag.

The massive rear wing on the Aventador SVJ comes with vertical side fins for maximum stability, combined with vertical fins on the front bumper this keeps the car stable at all speeds, on the side of the SVJ the new sills also show an innovative Y shape on the enlarged intakes while the massive rear diffuser boasts several vertical stabilization fins too while two massive exhaust pipes are mounted higher up at the rear, closer to the engine, thus lowering the weight compared to the older, four tip exhausts.

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With a large rear wing featuring a new aerofoil, the new engine cover comes with a look-through window showing the bronze manifolds on top of the V12, and large vents to keep the engine cool, do note this carbon fiber engine cover now comes with quick release fasteners inspired by the race track.

The engine has been modified with titanium intake valves, newly shaped intake runners and length,  and a modified intake cylinder head duct for higher flow coefficient, the exhaust has less backpressure and the 7-speed ISR gearbox has been optimized to cope the increase in power and torque.

A stiffer suspension together with LRS (rear-wheel steering) and a reconfiguration of the power steering system, Lamborghini Dynamic Steering (LDS) allows for a 3% increase of torque to be sent to the rear wheels .. .because of this Pirelli was asked to develop new tires for the Aventador SVJ with stiffer sidewalls, standard fitment are Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires, while the track oriented P Zero Trofeo R tires are optionally available.

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Navigation systems and the infotainment are an option on the Aventador SVJ, depending on the customer wishes to get a street-legal track car with the least amount of weight, or if they prefer some more creature comforts they can even opt for the electrical comfort seats to replace the lightweight carbon fiber seats, due to the limited view through the new engine cover you can even opt to drop the interior rearview mirror and go for a rear view camera system instead.

As of 2018, the order book on the Aventador SVJ has filled up very quickly, and rumor has it all 900 units are already sold out, priced at €350,000 in Europe and $518,000 in the USA, before taxes and options, the Aventador SVJ price can quickly raise a lot higher when you opt for the limitless Ad Personam personalization possibilities.


Specification Detail
Engine Naturally-aspirated V12
Maximum Power 770 CV (566 kW) or 759 American horsepower at 8,500 rpm
Maximum Torque 720 Nm (531 lb.ft) at 6750 rpm
Top Speed Over 350 km/h (218 mph)
Acceleration (0-100 km/h or 0-62 mph) 2.8 seconds
Dimensions (Length x Height) 194.6″ x 44.7″
Weight 1,525 kilograms or 3,362 pounds
Drivetrain Four-wheel drive
Steering Four-wheel steering
Suspension Active suspension system
Additional Features Multiple driving modes, Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva 2.0 system
Starting Price (as of 2022) $515,000