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So you managed to get hold of one of the 600 Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 Superveloce, you couldn’t be happier with this pure-bred race car for the road … until you see another one pulling up on you, that’s when you start thinking about personalizing yours, making it stand out from the other ones in the world … and that’s where Novitec can help, as they just released an entire program in their Torado department specifically tailored for the V12 flagship model from Sant’Agata.

The Aventador Superveloce is already a very initmidating car when she leaves the factory gates in Italy, but for those that want that little extra the Novitec Group created their Torado Aventador Superveloce package with carbon fiber aerodynamic parts, custom center lock wheels and in increase in power from 750hp to 786hp and 738 Nm of torque.

Up front Novitec adds two large, vertical fins to the sides of the bumper for added air flow, a larger center fin can also be added to the original bumper for better stability at speed, naturally the special front hood with the air intakes can also be added to the Superveloce model, together with those trademark Novitec side sills.

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For the Coupé engine cover Novitec offers a pair of intakes that fit onto the original unit, these don’t fit the Roadster version, but here Novitec has a bespoke part with a similar look … just in case you don’t like the original rear wing on the Superveloce there is a replacement from Novitec that fits onto the original struts.

To finalize the exterior modifications a pair of air vents can be added to the engine cover, carbon fiber vents can be fitted in front of the windshield while the same material can be covering the exterior rear view mirrors and a modified air intake fin on the side of the Aventador that will pull more fresh air into those large intakes.

Novitec Torado also has a selection of exhaust systems to offer, from cat-replacement pipes (-7kg)  to sport metal catalysts (-5kg) to complete replacement of the original exhaust system, either in stainless steel (-12kg) or Inconel (-15kg) … also note that these Novitec exhausts come with custom made tips and an optional ‘flap’ regulation so you can keep the noise down while driving through town but still get the full symphony of that massive V12 on the highway … Novitec even has an ‘open’ race exhaust on offer … however I highly doubt that one is street legal, but it does weigh 21kg less than the original one.

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For the Novitec Torado Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 Superveloce a partnership with Vossen was put together to create an exclusive rim … the NL3 aluminum wheel comes in 9×20 inch up front and 13×21 inch at the rear, Pirelli P-Zero 255/30 R20 and 355/25 R21 are fitted to these center lock units … in fact the original tire pressure system and locking bolts can be used. And just in case you didn’t order the Dianthus wheels on your Superveloce but went with the five bolt Dione units … Novitec offers a Central locking kit conversion.

The Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce is already a low car, but if you want to increase the risk of scraping that expensive front bumper you can always install a set of lowering springs on the original suspension or go for the adjustable, coil over suspension kit from Novitec/Kw … Novitec even has 11mm spacers listed for the Superveloce, not legal in all countries, but still very nice anyway.

Novitec Torado Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 Superveloce is available for both the Coupé and the Roadster version of the V12 flagship model, the exterior parts are made from carbon fiber and come in a satin finish to complement the visible carbon fiber on the Superveloce … and it looks great.