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I was present at the press conference in Paris back in 2008 when Lamborghini showed the Estoque concept, a stunning four-door, four-seater model that could have been a nice successor to the Lamborghini Espada … but when the Urus Concept was shown later on, the decision was made to build a Super SUV instead of a luxury high-performance sedan.

Fast forward 11 years and we have the Lamborghini Urus being sold in high numbers, over 6,000 have been built already, and with that success in mind Lamborghini is thinking about the future, and a possible fourth model in the line up … and that could be either a 2+2 or a four-door model … so perhaps we’ll finally be seeing the return of the Estoque in a few years … another addition to the Raging Bull line will be at least 5 or 6 years in the future, by 2025.

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Today we have the Lamborghini Huracan, the Aventador and the Urus being built in Sant’Agata, but by 2025 both the Huracan and the Aventador will have been replaced by a successor and most likely the Urus will have received an evolution … into hybrid power. Rumor has it the Huracan replacement will drop the V10 engine and will go V8 with hybrid power, while the flagship successor should keep the V12 engine, but also with added electric motors … and we all know the Urus is set to receive a hybrid addition any time soon.

This brings us to 2025 when Lamborghini could introduce a fourth model, either a 2+2 or a four-door sedan … but most likely this car will go full electric, taking the J1 platform to Italy. Today this J1 is used on the Porsche Taycan and the Audi E-Tron GT … both large four-door cars … which brings us back to the 2008 Estoque.

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None other than Maurizio Reggiani, R&D director at Lamborghini, talked about this in an interview with Autocar … he mentioned they should start working on this new car by 2021 if they want to have it ready for production in 2025, and it would take the Estoque Concept and bring it into the next decade by combining her design with the current Urus styling … which would make perfect sense as most manufacturers that have both coupe, sedan and SUV in their range show a common house style over the entire range.

Being a Lamborghini, the 2025 Estoque would have some serious performance, a 0-60mph acceleration below 3 seconds for instance, and while going all-electric, a range of more than 350 miles (nearly 600 km) should be possible with the evolution of batteries and electric engines in the upcoming years.

When talking to CEO Stefano Domenicali, Autocar picked up that Lamborghini might go down the 2+2 route again with this 2025 model, so we might be seeing a two-door model instead, which would be a nice evolution from the original 400GT 2+2 from the Sixties and the Islero and Jarama models, so back to the roots created by Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1963.

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It would indeed be great if Lamborghini would bring back the GT model to Sant’Agata, remember before the Gallardo shattered all records, the Lamborghini Espada was the best-selling model with over 1,200 units sold, so bringing back a true GT the way Ferruccio intended will be a great homage, and who knows, if they sell enough cars we might even be seeing another convertible model from Lamborghini like the extremely rare 350GTS of which only two were ever built.