Will Lamborghini create a Huracan STO Spyder

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You probably already know by now that I’m a guy that likes convertibles, I prefer the Spyder or Roadster versions of Lamborghini models over their closed Coupe counterparts, others might disagree on this, but I for one would love a Huracan STO Spyder version … so I created it virtually to see how Lamborghini might accomplish taking off the roof on their latest V10 incarnation.

And while this is a relatively easy excercise in a digital world, in real life it might not be as simple … so will Lamborghini be prepared to unveil such a car in the future? I might have to say no to this one. For one there is that amazing confango up front, on the Huracan STO the entire front section, including the fenders, tilts forward on hinges, this facilitates access to anything underneath that cover, it might even safe some weight, but it could also mean the front section of the chassis has been modified to allow this feature.

Huracan sto spyder 2

Just how compatible with a Spyder version that stunning cofango up front is, I honestly don’t know, but things get even more complicated at the rear with that magnificent air intake on the engine cover that peaks above the roof on the Coupe version, on it’s own that shouldn’t be an issue, as the Veneno Roadster already showed us many years ago, just have the scoop inbetween the two seats and buttress behind the headrests.

Even the quick release system, as the Huracan STO engine cover isn’t hinged, isn’t a problem for a car without a roof … the Veneno Roadster didn’t have hinges on her engine cover either … but here comes the problem … the Veneno Roadster didn’t have any kind of roof either, so would this mean Lamborghini won’t be able to fit a roof under the cover on a possible Huracan STO Spyder either?


A fully electric, power operated Spyder roof might not be possible with the air scoop and lift-off engine cover system … but what about a lighter, manual roof? Something like a less insulated, therefore thinner, manually operated roof … now that might be an option I think.

But, in the end, we might never see a Huracan STO as a Spyder, just because the demand for a pure-bred, race track inspired road car without a roof just isn’t there … or perhaps create a new model, a Huracan STO with removeable roof panels similar to the ones on the Aventador Roadster, or even more hard-core … a Targa style roof?