2020 ducati diavel lamborghini 14
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The Lamborghini Sián was introduced at the 2019 IAA in Frankfurt, limited to only 63 units, and sold out long before the public even got to admire the car in real life, with customer cars only being delivered recently, the IAA show car was finished in a very interesting, matt metallic green shade with gold accents and red calipers behind gold finished, cross-spoke wheels.

A year later Ducati reveals a new model in their lineup, based on the Diavel 1260 S, we now can admire the Ducati Diavel 1260 Lamborghini, similar to the Lamborghini Sián that inspired this new bike, the Ducati is a limited edition too, albeit 630 units will be available at dealers from December 2020 on … and judging from the official press photos, this bike is beautiful.

2020 ducati diavel lamborghini 9
the centro stile ducati worked together with the centro stile lamborghini to create this bespoke lamborghini edition of the famous diavel 1260 s bike, finished in the same verde gea shade with oro electrum details, the new ducati diavel 1260 lamborghini clearly took a lot of inspiration from the sián, the hexagon shape returns on the ducati’s exhausts while the seat includes the famous y-shape we see on all modern raging bulls today.

Most of the original Diavel 1260 S elements have been redesigned by Centro Stile Ducati for this bespoke Lamborghini edition, like the forged wheels that almost look identical to the ones seen on the Sián, down to the Oro Electrum shade, and the air intakes and various covers are now made from carbon fiber, as they seem to be floating around the bike, much like the Sián’s fenders. Even the red brake calipers, made by Brembo, made their appearance on this Ducati … fortunately red is a typical Ducati shade by the way.

2020 ducati diavel lamborghini 10
a final touch of lamborghini heritage is the number 63 on the sides of the ducati diavel 1260 lamborghini, naturally, to remind us of the fact automobili lamborghini spa was founded in 1963, and only 63 units of the lamborghini sián are made … for this ducati the limit of production has been set at 630.
the ducati diavel 1260 lamborghini edition does demand a premium over the regular diavel 1260 s price tag of $24,295 … the lamborghini edition will have an msrp of $31,995 … i sure wouldn’t mind adding one to the garage.