A white Lamborghini Sian for the Netherlands

Second lamborghini sian in the netherlands 1

As always I was browsing online looking for interesting Lamborghini news, and I came across a video from a Dutch car magazine, Autovisie, about a second Lamborghini Sian that was delivered to her customer in the Netherlands, we’ve seen the blue metallic one on Dutch plates a while ago, but this time it’s a stunning pearl white metallic Sian coupe, combined with blue-tinted carbon-fiber on the exterior, absolutely stunning.

Second lamborghini sian in the netherlands 5

While I was watching the video (I’ve included it in the article down below) I noticed something odd, something I hadn’t seen on another Sian before: the seats. This is the first Sian I’ve seen with comfort seats instead of the lightweight carbon fiber sport seats, and while the seat and backrest show the same pattern as the sport seats, the bolsters look similar to what we’ve seen in the Aventador S with a white inset running alongside the side bolsters, very nice, but odd to see inside a Sian.

Second lamborghini sian in the netherlands 3

This specific Lamborghini Sian was specced like this by her Dutch owner, which choose to remain anonymous it seems, so it is clear that just about every little detail on these limited edition Sian (only 63 built) was customizable during the configuration stage, by the way, when the Lamborghini Sian was unveiled at the 2019 IAA in  Frankfurt, all of the 63 units were already sold, and every customer that signed the order form was invited to Frankfurt to configure their car together with Mitja Bortkert, Chief designer at Automobili Lamborghini SpA.

Second lamborghini sian in the netherlands 4

The white and blue carbon fiber combination continues on the inside, with blue Alcantara featuring white stitching and cross-stitching, but also blue-tinted carbon fiber everywhere on the inside, like the door panels and the central console, another nice detail is the fact the cover over the start button between the seats is color-coded to the exterior Bianco shade that actually holds gold metal flakes embedded into the paint, beautiful.

Second lamborghini sian in the netherlands 2

Let’s hope we’ll be able to admire this bright white Lamborghini Sian during one of the Italian or Supercar events in the Netherlands, but for now please enjoy the movie, it’s in Dutch, but you might want to turn on the subtitles?