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Many people that are able to buy a Lamborghini Gallardo usually enjoy their car just the way it came from the factory, but there will always be a market for ‘something more’ when it comes to looks or performance, especially when we’re talking about the earlier, pre LP560 models built between 2003 and 2008 which can be found at very reasonable prices these days … spending some more money on making it stand out of the crowd is an option many owners tend to go for.

If you are a fan of motorsport you could turn your Gallardo into a Super Trofeo Strada version made by renowned Reiter Engineering or the more subtle GT3 Strada edition … but what if you prefer big and wide fenders, deep front spoilers and a large rear wing? In that case you could go for the PD-L800 by Prior Design or the very impressive Victory kit by Hamann Motorsport.

One of the first companies that actually offered a complete wide body kit for the original Lamborghini Gallardo was German based IMSA, their Gallardo GTV evolution showed wide front fenders, deep side sills and wide rear wheel arch extensions covering bespoke wheels made for IMSA complete with central locking system and upgraded brake systems … add the front spoiler and an impressive, angular rear wing and you would end up with a V10 Gallardo that looked good and offered improved braking power at the same time … initially without engine tuning however.

This orange Lamborghini Gallardo is wearing the complete IMSA Gallardo GTV kit with the wheels, black centers over color coded lips … the black touch continues in the wrap applied to the car to contrast with the bright orange bodywork. This car has been modified by ZR Auto based in Canada, which is an IMSA distributor in fact, but looks alone just didn’t quite cut it for this owner … he took the ‘Baby Lamborghini’ a whole lot further.

IMSA also offers replacement seats for the Gallardo, lightweight race inspired units that feel right at home in the Lamborghini cockpit, finished in black with a grey IMSA GTV script they complete the race track feeling into the interior. Instead of the original IMSA rear wing this orange Gallardo is showing a much higher riding, race inspired clear carbon rear wing that probably results in a lot more down force at speed … and this V10 sure goes fast … thanks to a Twin Turbo conversion by well-known Heffner Performance that has been further modified by ZR Auto to deliver no less than 1,500hp in the end.

We’ve received photos of this specific car when it was still in one shade, orange all over, during a visit at the 2012 Euro Car Show in Saskatchewan … by June 6 2013 the car came to Cars&Coffee at Le Macaron in Regina wearing the black wrap with style … I’m not sure if this is the same car as the one Zahir Rana from ZR Auto had wrapped in a full chrome look in March 2013, but it sure looks very close … could still be two different cars altogether.

Zahir’s Gallardo was turned into the ‘Matador’ after he saw a multitude of wrapped cars on a visit to the United States … he decided to have his engineers trained into ‘wrap specialists’ and started offering the ‘full body wrap’ back in Canada … his personal Gallardo being a rolling showcase of what ZR Auto could accomplish on your car.

The ZR Auto Lamborghini Gallardo ‘Matador’ also comes with a Heffner Performance Twin Turbo engine, but ZR Auto modified a lot of components to turn it into a 1,500 hp V10 :

Rebuilt 5.0 litre Lamborghini V10 engine
Carrillo billet connecting rods
Custom-forged CP pistons
10:1 Compression ratio
Titanium valve retainers
Oversized lightweight valves
Ported intake manifold
German made Holinger sequential manual gearbox with custom gear ratios
Gear ratios allow a max speed of 433km/h (269Mph)
1/4 mile speed reached: 272km/h (169Mph) in 8.7 seconds
Dual Weldon 1100hp fuel pumps
individual 2000cc fuel injectors for each cylinder
Custom high-flow fuel rails
Elite custom twin ball-bearing turbo system
Custom 4-inch dual exhaust
Custom 2000hp intercooler system

There are several IMSA Gallardo GTV on the road these days, either based on the pre-2008 model or on the later LP560-4 evolution … but I highly doubt there will be many of these that can put 1,500 hp down on the road like this orange Raging Bull, and while the kit is really eye-catching it still looks like it could have left the gates at Sant’Agata like this … as a street legal Gallardo race car, a Super Trofeo Stradale or Squadra Corse … on steroids.

Interested in having your Gallardo turned into a ZR Auto Gallardo GTV by IMSA with a Twin Turbo conversion up to 1,500 hp … get in touch with ZR Auto in Calgary, Canada.