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The Lamborghini Aventador is quickly growing into one of the bestselling V12 models ever to leave the factory gates in Sant’Agata … given the fact the Murciélago Coupé was built 3,084 and the Roadster 899 times over a timespan of nearly 10 years the Aventaor is quickly reaching those numbers with well over 2,000 units built in little over 2 years (from March 2011 to June 2013) … and they continue to build on average 5 Aventador every working day.

So chances are you’ll be seeing an Aventador ‘in the wild’ on a regular basis in various parts of the world … owners of these amazing super cars are looking into having their own Bull turned into something even more exotic … a car nobody else has, and one that isn’t just available straight from the factory. Some owners turn to aerodynamic modifications, other prefer increasing performance while the option of having a custom wrap applied is gaining more and more popularity.

On the other hand Automobili Lamborghini SpA is offering just about any shade you can dream about through the Ad Personam options, but some finishes just aren’t ‘in the books’ at Sant’Agata … like this bright ‘blood orange’ tinted chrome look with a matte finish … your only option is to take your Aventador to a company like Print Tech GmbH in Munich, Germany and have them apply this absolutely breathtaking wrap to your Raging Bull.

This specific Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 has been covered with a very special wrap called ‘Centurion Foil’ … price tag a cool €10,000 by the way … but for than kind of money you receive a one of a kind look on your car. Note the roof section and engine cover get a black wrap in brushed aluminum look, the same black shade is applied to the pillars and underside of the exterior rear view mirrors … only their top section received the red orange hue.

As if the impressive wrap doesn’t already draw enough attention the owner of this specific Lamborghini Aventador also had a Capristo exhaust with remote valve control installed (another €1,500 invoice) and had the original Iperione wheels replaced by glossy black Dione wheels (at €1,200) while the final touch are the custom tinted windows … a bargain at €200.

If done correclty applying a wrap to your car will in fact protect the pain underneath … still a clear bra would probably be less expensive, but you have to admit driving a Lamborghini Aventador will draw a lot of attention already … having it finished in this bright, matte shade will draw even more attention … and it actually doesn’t look over the top like some of those pink wrapped Aventador out there.