DMC LP988-4 Aventador Edizione GT Nero – Guide

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If you are looking to upgrade your Lamborghini Aventador into something more aggressive and you really like the Lamborghini Veneno but don’t feel like making one of only three owners an offer on their $4,000,000 car … DMC might just be the answer you were looking for.

Check out the DMC Aventador LP988-4 Edizione GT Nero on this page, a black Aventador with the complete E-GT aerodynamic kit from DMC, in case you are wondering where the LP988-4 name came from … DMC is able to uprate the original LP700-4 V12 engine from the factory original Aventador to a massive 988 hp while retaining the four-wheel drive and 7 speed gearbox.

This black DMC Aventador E-GT was located in Beijing, China when these photos were taken, which might explain why the standard wheels are still on her, might be because the owner could travel on less than perfect roads, making massive 20 and 21 inch wheel not the best idea … both for comfort and for keeping the wheels from getting ruined from potholes and sidewalks.

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this and many more photos of lamborghinis are available on www. Lambocars. Com

Other than that this car does feature the complete DMC E-GT kit, from the impressive Veneno inspired front bumper over the beautiful side sills onto that magnificent rear diffuser with the vertical fins and naturally that massive race inspired, adjustable rear wing … and let’s not forget the absolutely breathtaking new engine cover from DMC … a work of art in itself.

This Aventador is finished in black, most likely Nero Aldebaran while the visible carbon fiber from the DMC E-GT kit gets a great looking high gloss finish … most of the time I’m a big fan of matte carbon fiber, but on this car the glossy CF just looks perfect … not overdone, but in a neat balance with the glossy black bodywork … add the black Iperione wheels over black brake calipers and you end up with a mean looking DMC Aventador LP988-4 Edizione GT Nero.