2023 Lamborghini Revuelto BY DMC

The German tuner was among the first to introduce a carbon fiber body kit for the flagship plug-in hybrid supercar

Dmc revuelto carbon fiber body kit aero 1

German tuner DMC wasted no time presenting an extraordinary carbon fiber body kit for the recently unveiled Lamborghini Revuelto. DMC’s kit offers enthusiasts an opportunity to enhance further the aesthetics and performance of this new flagship plug-in hybrid supercar.

The additional components are made entirely from carbon fiber, with options available in prepreg and forged variants. The prepreg carbon finish can be chosen in either a glossy or matte finish. Each piece undergoes extensive hand and machine polishing before being waxed and sealed.

The changes…

Dmc revuelto front lip
new revulto splitter made entirely out of carbon fiber

Talking about the kit, the front of the car receives a new splitter with integrated side fins, a purposeful bonnet scoop, and vented fenders. These additions work harmoniously with the stock side skirts, while the overall profile of the Revuelto remains unchanged.

Dmc revuelto rear bumper diffuser 02
the dmc revuelto wing adds a more aggressive stance.

At the rear, it gets a redesigned rear bumper with additional apertures between the revised diffuser and the distinctive Y-shaped taillights. The hexagon-shaped exhaust pipes retain their stock form but are now accompanied by an imposing rear wing with a swan-neck design.

Notably, the powertrain of the Revuelto remains untouched. The plug-in hybrid system combines Lamborghini’s groundbreaking 6.5-liter V12 engine with three electric motors, delivering a staggering output of 1,001 hp. With such impressive technology under the hood, DMC wisely refrains from modifying the chassis or mechanical components, allowing the Revuelto to maintain its exceptional performance figures, including a 0-100 km/h time of 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 217 mph.

DMC acknowledges the Revuelto’s already superb appearance but believes it may lack some aggressiveness when viewed from afar. To address this, the tuner meticulously crafted carbon fiber components that not only intensify its aesthetics but also purportedly improve airflow and enhance downforce. For those enticed by DMC’s body kit, the entire package can be acquired for $39,990 in prepreg carbon or $49,990 in forged carbon. Alternatively, parts such as the front splitter, rear diffuser, and rear wing can be purchased separately. DMC’s official website confirms the compatibility of the aero kit with both the coupe and spyder variants of the Revuelto.

Lamborghini unveiled the Revuelto in March 2023, and customer deliveries are scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2023,

What Else would we like to see in the future:

Dmc revuelto carbon fiber body kit aero 1 2
5 things that we are eagerly waiting for

There is no denying that DMC was the first tuner to introduce a new carbon fiber body kit, and we appreciate their pioneering efforts in this regard. We also understand that DMC is likely to introduce more carbon fiber parts in the near future. However, as a Lamborghini enthusiast website, here are a couple of parts we are eagerly waiting for:

  1. Redesigned Carbon Fiber Bonnet: Firstly, we would like to request DMC redesign a more aggressive carbon fiber hood with slightly larger vents. This would not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle but also contribute to cooling the batteries and add a touch of aggression. We already have seen a carbon fiber hood in a Huracan by DMC, and hopefully, the Revuelto will also get one soon.
  2.  New Lightweight Wheels: We believe that renowned wheel manufacturers like Vossen would likely produce lightweight wheels suitable for the Revuelto. This would not only improve the vehicle’s handling but also provide a wider range of options for customization. And why not full carbon fiber…
  3. Aggressive Side Fins with Vents for Better Airflow: While the stock side skirts of the Revuelto already possess a sharp appearance, an aftermarket unit with additional air vents for more efficient cooling of the rear brakes would be a valuable addition to this high-performance car.
  4. Roof Scoop: Consideration should also be given to incorporating a roof scoop in the design of the Revuelto. Not only would this aid in keeping the mid-mounted combustion engine cool, but it would also add a robust and distinctive look to the vehicle.
  5. Minimalistic yet Functional mirror: While this is solely our opinion, we find that the stock mirror of the Revuelto appears somewhat disproportionate to the size of the car. Implementing smaller carbon fiber ones would complement the aforementioned modifications and create a more cohesive overall appearance. And why not camera systems?

These suggestions aim further to enhance the appeal and performance of the Revuelto, providing an opportunity for other tuners to consider these aspects when developing aftermarket parts for this remarkable vehicle.

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