The Official Press Release Of Murciélago by BF Performance

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The success story of BF Performance, the home of special Lamborghini’s continues.

After winning the award for the Best Tuning Car in Germany 2005 in the category Sports cars and coupés over 50.000,00 EUROs, and Car of the Show in Paris 2006 , BF Performance’s Lamborghini Murciélago won the prestigious 2006 Swiss Motor Press Award for tuning cars in the category “Sports cars and coupés”.

We are proud to have the opportunity to display the car at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show in Halle 0, EN 20.

This stunning car features a visible carbon fibre front spoiler, rear spoiler, front bonnet, headlight covers, rear cover, rear diffuser, transparent engine cover, white indicators, exhaust pipe cover, multi-piece exclusive wheels, competition exhaust system, special sport seats and multimedia system with an extendable monitor incl. navigation and rear camera.

Our exhaust systems are probably the finest on the market made by the same company that makes systems for 5 Formula One teams. They are specially tuned to produce the sound the Lamborghini customers want and add extra performance in form of horsepower and torque. All in all they make the car more drivable. Another important option is that they are remote controlled so that the driver can choose a Formula One type sound or a quiet system very suitable for driving around town.

BF Performance presented one of the most spectacular Gallardos two years ago. The 2005 Street GT, looks like a racing version, and was an inspiration for many others with its spectacular aerodynamic package and the traditional style doors. The 2006 BF Performance Gallardo Street GT has a different aerodynamic package and caters to those who did not want such an extreme look.

Later on this year you will be able to experience a new light weight high performance Gallardo. This car is sure to match the performance of anything on the market today.

Coming soon there is a new version of the Murciélago LP640 with many enhanced performance and aerodynamic features. For more information call us on 0041417123510 at the show or kindly register on BF Performance.