DMC’s Kit Transform Your Lamborghini Huracan into a Tempting Race-Spec STO

The kit can be fitted across the standard Huracan, LP610-4, Evo, and even the Performante variants

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If you love your classic Lamborghini Huracan for its handling and comfort factor but are tempted by the fancy $350,000 Lamborghini Huracan STO, which offers more performance. Still, you’re only held back by its super stiff race car-like suspension setup. Well! The renowned tuner DMC has a solution. They’ve developed a kit that can change any regular Huracan into something that looks like an STO and add a serious power upgrade, taking it up to an impressive 700 horses.

The Makeover Kit for Your Huracan

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DMC’s new kit, the STO Facelift, can be fitted to various Huracan models, including the LP610-4, Evo, or even the Huracan Performante. This kit gives your car the bold looks of the STO and adds some unique features that make it even better than DMC’s previous EVO3 upgrade.

While the STO’s race-like performance is thrilling, it can be hard to handle on regular roads. This is where the STO Facelift kit comes in. It gives your car the sporty look of the STO without making it too hard to drive. Additionally, it also gets the right amount of ground clearance needed for daily driving. Something that Lamborghini could have offered as a factory option for the base models but that would have diluted the exclusivity of the EVO, so DMC remediate that lackluster offering.

Similarities with the original Huracan STO

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DMC’s new kit is made from Prepreg Carbon Fiber, which is strong and light. The kit includes a new front bumper and a redesigned trunk with air channels that direct air from the hood, just like on the real STO. DMC considered constructing a new set of front fenders with vents and side skirts that help with the car’s aerodynamics. The kit even includes a new engine cover with a scoop for better cooling and a big STO-like wing at the back for an aggressive look.

DMC’s kit also changes the back bumper and diffuser to look like the STO’s, but with a neat little touch: DMC’s name laser-etched into the metal. The whole look is completed with some fancy custom wheels made by HRE.

Matching the Looks with More Power

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But the STO Facelift kit isn’t just about the looks. It also includes an upgrade to the car’s computer, or ECU, which takes the power up to 700 horsepower. Plus, there’s a new exhaust system that changes the sound of the car and a new suspension setup that improves handling without making it too hard to drive.

Finally, DMC offers a bespoke leather interior, meaning you can have it exactly how you want it.

Pricing details remain undisclosed

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While there is no confirmation on how much this complete makeover will cost, we know it’s likely to be expensive. But if you like having a car that will stand out at any supercar meets and confuse onlookers, then it is worth it. We look forward if DMC could bring the same kind of magic to the Huracan Sterrato as well.

Most likely you will be able to decide which option you want, maybe only the body kit for some, or add the power tune and interior if you want to fully upgrade but then why not just sell your base car and get a real STO? At least you now have the choice.

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