2021 sc20 1

A few days ago the automotive internet was buzzing with a pair of photos posted on Instagram showcasing what seems to be a hybrid between the SC18 Alston, the Sian, and the Aventador J, during testing on the track, featuring a massive rear wing, possibly with active aero, but without a decent windshield … on these photos, it seemed even lower than the one on the Aventador J from 2012.

While there were only two, low-resolution images, the rear angle clearly showed the profile of this car, while the front view is showing a front bumper similar to the one seen on the one of a kind SC18 Alston that was unveiled in 2018 … so is Lamborghini racing department, Squadra Corse, working on a second bespoke, one-off model for a fortunate customer?

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In a recent interview it was mentioned Lamborghini would be building two more, unique, built to order cars based on the Aventador before the successor would be unveiled, could this roofless race car be one of those … and in that case, would it called SC20, for Squadra Corse 2020.

The design shows a model with various aerodynamic parts, one of which is a massive rear wing with a strut in the middle, but also the front shows multiple air intakes, while the wheels look like the Raze 7 units, first seen on the Veneno, but later also used on the SC18 … but then you notice there isn’t really a windshield on this car, so is the future owner looking for a two-seater Formula One car, or a LeMans racer celebrating the design of the past when race cars were open-top models.

If Squadra Corse takes the Aventador as a basis, and perhaps even add an evolution of the Sian Supercapacitor pack, we might be looking at a power output well beyond the 800 hp mark, even as high as 900 hp might come to mind … image that much power with no windshield … I sure hope they deliver a helmet with this car.

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Come to think about it, why wouldn’t Automobili Lamborghini SpA create a one-off, bespoke Sian Aperta, taking the Sian Roadster but installing the low windshield similar to the Aventador J, and while they are at it, finish the body in clear carbon fiber … I would be interested in a car like that.