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Automobili Lamborghini SpA just released a teaser video about the car they are bound to be showing at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show on March 6 at 9am … called the Unica.

So is this the name for the upcoming Aventador Roadster? I for one don’t think so, remember they have been talking about introducing two models at the Geneva Show this year, one of which is almost sure to be the eagerly awaited Lamborghini Aventador Roadster while many considered the second to be the final production version of the Sesto Elemento, the track only car based on the Paris concept car.

But this video might be talking about something totally different, mentioning Unica which naturally means Unique in English should mean this is something very special, probably only built once. So we are talking about another special edition here … somehow this doesn’t sound right, a special edition is always a nice idea, but one from a production run of … one ?

What would make sense, and as mentioned on a Czech car forum, is that the Unica is in fact a one of a kind Raging Bull, some kind of über Roadster edition of the Aventador … remember when this Murciélago successor hadn’t been introduced yet people were talking about the Jota ? Well this forum calls it the Jota, however Unica doesn’t sound too bad either.

Power is a mystery, probably the same V12 as the closed Aventador will be used, but if this is a lightweight version, for one there is no roof on it, lots of additional carbon fiber and as there is no real roof mechanism like on a regular Spyder there is no extra weight from it either. Naturally cutting away the roof on a car like the Aventador will require strengthening of the remaining chassis, so some weight will be added there … but the final figure will probably be less than the closed edition, so even more impressive acceleration and higher speed … do remember to bring your helmet, that small band of glass that should pass for a windshield won’t be much help for the bugs hitting your face at 300 Km/h.

Do check out the video below, it is the official teaser film from Automobili Lamborghini SpA, naturally there are no details and you can barely make out something that looks like a car in some of the frames … but as usual it does look really good :

Whatever this Unica might be, there will most likely be a more conventional Aventador Roadster that enters production, less radical than this Unica perhaps, but most buyers will prefer it to the hard core Unica if it looks like this render we’ve made for you.