2012 Lamborghini Aventador J

The Lamborghini Aventador J is one of the most extreme roofless speed demons ever built. Only one made and it sold for a cool $2.8 million

Lamborghini aventador j - guide - lamborghini aventador j
Lamborghini aventador j
Aventador J
1 unit
6.5 L Nat Aspirated V12
691 bhp @ 8,250 rpm
509 ft lbs @ 5,500 rpm
0 - 60 mph
~ 2.8 seconds
Top Speed
186 mph

UPDATE: make sure to check out the four videos at the bottom of this article.

It has been in the air for a few days ever since a Czech based forum released two shots prior to the official press release from Automobili Lamborghini SpA that has been released on the evening of March 5th.

The Lamborghini Aventador J is a fact, and the Unica teaser film we’ve all seen only two days ago was the preview for this one of a kind beauty yes, you are reading this right, only one Aventador J will be built, and no it will not be collecting dust in a showroom or on the museum floor this baby is completely street legal and will be sold to one very lucky owner.

Take a close look at this bright red Raging Bull, even the shade of red has been custom made for this masterpiece, if an open top car is what you have been looking for look no further, super cars don’t come more open than the Lamborghini Aventador J.

There is no roof on this V12 monster, with a V12 pumping out 700 hp we are talking uncompromising power combined in just about the best looks ever to come out of the gates in Sant’Agata, the outside of the car has been modified to such an extent it almost organically flows into the interior, but wait, where is the windshield there is none, so you are sitting in this unique car like you would be on a high speed motorcycle, a helmet as seen in some of the shots suddenly seams a very good idea, and somehow I don’t think that black tie dress code will survive the drive to the venue.

As mentioned the Lamborghini Aventador J is completely street legal, and I for one am sure we are talking about being right on the limit of what is legal for street use, this isn’t a super car anymore, this is a radical statement of sheer car design possibilities using the Raging Bull DNA and heritage to the fullest extend possible for the road.

Naturally we all remember the previous Lamborghini Jota based on the Miura, this brainchild of legendary Bob Wallace built in the Seventies also used the letter J as its name, for the “Appendix J” in FIA regulation and now over 40 years later the Aventador firmly plants the J back into motoring history the Jota is back and how !

Although this J model is still based on the regular Lamborghini Aventador, you can hardly ignore it looks totally different nonetheless, but the Lamborghini engineers were faced with one major problem we are talking about a carbon fiber monocoque car here, so removing the roof isn’t as easy as you might think. By thoroughly redesigning this monocoque and adding two safety bars behind the driver and passenger they did manage to create a very strong car without any kind of roof section for strength.

Note that the roof isn’t the only thing the Aventador J has shed there isn’t any kind of windshield either, and who needs a climate control system or a GPS unit in a car like this in case you get lost on the road the result is you’ll be spending more time driving the Aventador J, so who cares as long as there is enough fuel on hand.

Not only the looks of the Aventador J are innovative, how about seats covered in Carbonskin? That’s right, no leather or alcantara inside the J, they wouldn’t like the possible shower as there is no roof, so when it rains it pours in some countries. We all know Lamborghini has been gathering some amazing expertise in using carbon fiber technology on the Aventador J this knowledge is taken to the net level.

Carbonskin is a newly patented use of carbon fiber, by using woven carbon fibers that are soaked in a custom epoxy resin to stabilize the carbon fibers an keep the material soft at the same time which allows for use on seats, dashboard and door panels inside the Aventador J. A beautiful carbon fiber finish in mat black can be found all over the interior of this new car as upholstery, how amazing is that.

Just in case you want even more carbon fiber, the newly designed front spoiler is finished in clear carbon fiber too, much more aggressive looking compared to the regular Aventador it is ready to attack just about anything this car might encounter on the open road or on the track.

As there is also a really nice ‘hanging’ rear wing mounted above the modified rear end on the Aventador J all finished in carbon fiber naturally, you might need a second look, but yes : those exhausts are even bigger now and the metal grilles took over a lot of ‘real estate’ at the back.

I already was a big fan of those by now trademark ‘Y’ lights used on the Lamborghini models these days, however on this Aventador J they went for the same look in black, making the J look even more menacing when it speeds away from you it would take a car with a serious pedigree to keep up with this Raging Bull, I kid you not.

And Lamborghini hadn’t finished using carbon fiber yet, look at those center lock wheels, straight from the race track in a very nice, simple five spoke design if it wasn’t for that awesome looking ‘fan’ behind the principal spokes keeping those massive disc brakes cooled is a priority on a car like this.

If like me you love to admire a nice V12 engine the Aventador J is quite a feat for us, as there is no roof on this car Lamborghini decided to remove the engine cover too well there is still a cover, but is it more a frame, the two impressive cylinder banks of the engine are out in the open and they look great!

So bottom line: what are we talking about here?

This is a magnificently beautiful car, very aggressive and designed and built with only one thing in mind: bringing us the most extreme looking Raging Bull ever and it is for sale!

That’s right, we’ve seen several concept cars before, the Concept S for one, looking similar with a very low windshield and driver and passenger being divided from each other by body parts somewhat resembling the red line running from front, through the interior right to the back on the Aventador J.

And what about the Miura Concept car, also a very nice looking retro concept, people were eager to put their order in but Lamborghini didn’t build it in the end and this is where the Aventador J makes all the difference.

Price? There will be ONE and only one built, no prototype, not museum piece this one and only fully street legal and drivable Lamborghini Aventador J is available for one concerning customer and it is already sold for a cool 2,200,000 Euro without taxes.

I wonder where it will turn up in the world.

Please enjoy the movie we managed to make at the show:

How about a look at the VIP presentation on Monday evening (© www.lamborghini.com)

Or take a look at the official press conference at Geneva (© www.Lamborghini.com)

And just in case you are interested in this making of film (© www.Lamborghini.com)