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To some this may come as a surprise, but in fact it makes perfect sense … for the 2012 FIA GT1 World Championship Reiter isn’t entering the magnificent V12 powered Murciélago R-SV but the impressive Gallardo LP600+ with the famous V10 thundering behind the pilot’s ear.

Two of these Gallardo LP600+ will be entered by Hans Reiter into a new FIA GT1 season, and this time Stéphane Ratel (SRO) managed to schedule the races in the 2012 World Championship effectively all over the world, which makes this great championship very important for a company like Reiter Engineering GmbH.

With races in Asia and Russia, among others, it is a perfect opportunity to show just how amazing these Reiter made Raging Bulls are, the market in Asia and Russia is still booming, hence it is very important for a relatively small company as Reiter.

If we check out the competition for the Gallardo LP600+ we encounter cars from Audi, Bmw, Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes … and with the addition of Lamborghini we can rest assured the races will bring some real battles on the track.

The pilots for these two Lamborghini GT1 race cars haven’t been confirmed yet, but as we’ve seen Peter Kox as a in-house test driver for several years in a row I can’t imagine he will not be behind the steering wheel of one of these thundering Bulls at Norago in France when the 2012 FIA GT1 World Championship kicks into action on April 8. 2012.

At this moment the next dates have been listed for the 2012 World Championship:
April 8, Nogaro (FRA)
April 22, Zolder (BEL)
May 27, Navarra (ESP)
July 8, Algarve (POR)
August 26, Beijing (CHN)
September 2, Ordos (CHN)
September 16, Moscow (RUS)
October 7, Zandvoort (NLD)
November 25, San Luis (ARG)
December 2, New Delhi (IND)

(Subject to change, some dates have not been confirmed yet.)

I can’t wait to see these Lamborghini Gallardo LP600+ in action at the Zolder circuit … more information on these cars and the ‘Strada’ version available for street use can be found at the official Reiter Engineering website.