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Virtual CAR configurator v2.0

When I put together the virtual car configurator for the first time it was all about having fun, I wanted to play around with different shades and options on the at that time brand new Aventador LP700-4 Roadster … little did I know it would be used by so many people to dream about how their very own Roadster could look … over 5 million configurations have been tried out to date.

And now I give you the next level … the Virtual CAR configurator V2.0 allows you to virtually create either an open top Roadster or the closed Coupé version. Change the outside color, add tuning options, add wraps and decals … and mix it all together. Just in case you like the front spoiler of the 50Th Anniversary edition but you prefer the side skirt from the new Novitec Torado series … and that massive DMC rear wing is a must have for you … just try how it looks together and view it from the front, the side and the rear … before you enter the interior.

I’ve done some major work on the virtual interior allowing you to change the looks of the central console, put a carbon fiber finish on it or color code it to the exterior of the car, and while you’re at it why not put in a custom steering wheel, heck I even added a TriColore steering wheel I saw in Geneva … yes it actually does exist in real life.

Right now there are a few options in the wheels section, you can now even lower the suspension … right up to a massive -10 setting that really puts it down … like an LB Performance ‘bagged’ setup, looks cool but I don’t think it would be practical … but it’s all about dreaming here anyway, so I left the option in there … expect a lot more rim options in the future, I have some stunning wheels in the pipeline.

But for now … have fun : Virtual CAR configurator v2.0