Last ever lamborghini aventador ultimae 1
Photo courtesy of RM Sotheby's

Owning the first edition of something has always been highly coveted by collectors, be it a book or a car, and especially in the case of supercars or hypercars, being able to state you own nr 1, or chassis 001, or something like that, warrants a serious premium, having a one-of-a-kind is even better, just imagine how the owner of the Lamborghini Countach LP500 prototype recreation must feel, owning a truly unique Raging Bull, that joined a few more one-off Lamborghini in his collection, but you get the idea.

Last ever lamborghini aventador ultimae 4
photo courtesy of rm sotheby’s

And there is one more thing that is very high on everyone’s wishlist … having the last one ever made, and when that happens to be the very last one of an entire era that spanned decades, that is just as good as it gets, and that is exactly what Automobili Lamborghini SpA managed to do when they asked RM Sotheby’s to auction a Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae, and not just any of the 350 coupes, this specific one is the last one ever to be built at the Sant’Agata ‘Linea Aventador’.

Last ever lamborghini aventador ultimae 3
photo courtesy of rm sotheby’s

And it gets even better, the fortunate buyer will not only receive the last Lamborghini V12 NA car ever, he, or she, will also become the owner of a one-off NFT, in collaboration with two of the most iconic creators of our time, contemporary artists Krista Kim, Steve Aoki, and global brand storytelling agency [INVNT GROUP]™. The Lamborghini ‘Ultimate’ drop is the world’s first supercar 1:1 NFT, marking the end of a successful era for Lamborghini and moving the raging bull forward into the digital era.

“Lamborghini and the NFT community fit together very well, as we share many values. We are both young-spirited innovators, looking out for unexpected projects and technological solutions”, explains Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman, and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini. “This project is very special for us as it is a true first, a path nobody has ever taken; to collaborate with such outstanding creative minds makes it all the more special.”

Last ever lamborghini aventador ultimae 5
photo courtesy of rm sotheby’s

The signature gradient on both the exterior and the interior of this ultimate Lamborghini V12 before the flagship becomes a hybrid was created by Krista Kim, while Steve Aoki is the author of the bespoke NFT soundtrack, and what’s more, whoever becomes the owner of this final Lamborghini Aventador LP780-4 Ultimae Coupé to be built will immediately become a Lamborghini VIP client, which comes with early access to the limited edition cars Lamborghini will release in the future, the owner will also be invited to Sant’Agata for a private tour of the Museo Lamborghini and will be able to join a virtual ‘meet and greet’ with both Krista and Steve.

Last ever lamborghini aventador ultimae 6
photo courtesy of rm sotheby’s

Keep in mind the actual car doesn’t even exist yet, it will only be completed after the auction ended (the auction ran from April 19 to April 21) to make sure the car conforms to the local legislation of the home of whoever managed to get the winning bid in on April 21, naturally, this very special Ultimae Coupé will be created with the help of Lamborghini’s in-house Ad Personam studio, in collaboration with Krista Kim and Steve Aoki, this car will come with the following bespoke options:

    • Interior trim with a gradient finish designed by Krista Kim that was inspired by the Mars Metaverse Sunset.
    • Interior trim detailing will be the first in Lamborghini history to be created using an aerography technique and saddled by hand in at the Lamborghini facility.
    • The exterior livery features a gradient fade paint realized by mixing two different exterior colors Blue Nethuns and Nero Noctis. The fading is an exclusive Ad Personam bespoke content that has only ever been created previously for VVIP Lamborghini clientele.
    • The rear bench will feature a custom orange embroidered logo that signifies the ultimate collaboration and intersection between Lamborghini, Krista Kim, and Steve Aoki.
    • The car door kick plate will have personalized lighting in orange instead of the standard white.

The hammer came down on this very special car and the accompanying NFT after a winning bid of $1,603,125 USD, making this without a doubt the most expensive Aventador in the world, and the value of this car is bound to go up over the coming years, as the Aventador Ultimea marks the end of the V12 NA era for Automobili Lamborghini SpA, as mentioned earlier, the car will shortly enter production for the winning bidder, the delivery is foreseen in September 2022, and the owner will only receive this blue to clear carbon fiber gradient finished Raging Bull, but also the one-of-one NFT:

There will only be one collector who will own the ultimate 1:1 NFT Lamborghini collectible that can be shared across generations to come. The lucky collector will be part of the brand’s iconic legacy and will have access to VIP utilities, including:

    1. Digital replica of the custom-made physical Lamborghini Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae Coupé, provided as a GLB file – the very first Lamborghini car for the metaverse.
    2. Exclusive virtual preview of limited-edition Lamborghini car models for future release
    3. Exclusive invitation to activities with the local dealer
    4. One time only access to the Lamborghini VIP experience depending on the region the buyer is from
    5. One time only private tour of the Lamborghini Museum (excluding flights/accommodation)
    6. One time only 15-minute virtual meet & greet with Krista Kim
    7. One time only 15-minute virtual meet & greet with Steve Aoki

There was also a mention that if the NFT would be sold for over €5,000,000, Lamborghini would hold a delivery celebration / dedicated event for the buyer, but even at just over $1,600,000 I think we’ll be having a delivery event of this car anyway, I just hope this one-off Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae will not be hidden away inside a garage or a showroom, never to be driven, that would really be a shame.

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