The Countach LPI800-4 number 001 delivered

First countach delivered in the netherlands

When the Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 was unveiled at Monterey last year, the opinions varied a lot, some loved the car, some didn’t so much, and one thing really upset a lot of people, the use of the legendary Countach name, an while this new limited edition model did show various influences from the classic Countach from the Seventies and Eighties, this really was a next-generation version, complete with the Aventador derived V12 engine, but now with the supercapacitor and electric motor we’ve seen in the Sián, only 112 units of this new Countach would be made as an homage to the L112 designation of the original car back in 1971.

While many had their opinion about this 2022 Countach, it didn’t stop 112 people from signing a contract to buy this multi-million dollar car, and while most of us only got to see the Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 back in August 2021 during Monterey Car Week, VIP clients had already seen the car a lot earlier, in fact, all 112 customers had seen the car beforehand, one of them an avid Lamborghini enthusiast, owning multiple Raging Bulls already, was invited by the factory to see this new car in advance, and he signed an order form … but not without stipulating he would receive number 001, the first car to be delivered to a customer … worldwide.

And that happened just a few days ago, this Bianco Siderale over Rosso interior, just like the presentation car itself in California, was delivered to the client in the Netherlands through Lamborghini Leusden, marking the very first Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 customer car in the world, subsequently, another one has been delivered in Germany too I’ve been told, but the one in the video below is documented to be number 001 of 112 made, and I’ve been told the client also owns a Lamborghini Sián … and an Essenza SCV12!

When you were invited to the factory to be allowed to buy one of these 112 Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4, you could sign a contract for this €2,100,000 Raging Bull, and make no mistake, while it seems all 112 units had been sold before the public unveil in August 2021, there are still some names on the ‘waiting list’, just in case a customer decides not to fulfill their order, which might be a bad idea … for one, people are offering a premium up to €300,000 to buy this car from the original client, and when you did manage to get your name on the list in 2021, you had to make a downpayment of €1,000,000!

And just like buying the Lamborghini Sián a few years ago, each buyer of this Countach had an additional stipulation in their purchase agreement … you are not allowed to sell the car shortly after taking delivery, this, together with the hefty €1,000,000 downpayment was all in place to scare away so-called ‘car flippers’, we have seen a few Centenario being offered for sale, but not a single Sián yet, and it will be a few years before one of the 112 Countach LPI 800-4 will become available on the second-hand market.

The commentator in the 32-minute video below is explaining this in Dutch, but fear not, you can activate subtitles in English so you can follow what he’s all about …