A new Lamborghini Hypercar in 2025

Original image copyright Supercar Blondie - YouTube

We already know Lamborghini is preparing to enter endurance racing in 2024 with their new LMDh race car, which stands for Le Mans Daytona hybrid, a rather strict set of rules to which all entries have to adhere, but which also will make for some really interesting, close racing, we also know Squadra Corse, the in-house race department at Sant’Agata is developing a twin-turbo V8 engine from the ground up for this upcoming endurance racer, but what if Automobili Lamborghini SpA would decide to create a very limited-production, street-legal version of their LMDh model … something along the lines of the Huracán STO, which is a road-legal Super Trofeo race car.

And that is just what the Supercar Blondie YouTube channel just posted online, a speculative look at how such a car might look, taking the one and only preview image we have from the Lamborghini IG account, adding some styling queues from both the Terzo Millennio and the V12 Vision GT, and combine all that into a car that would make sense, a real 1,000hp+ Lamborghini hypercar that could become a reality by 2025.

Render copyright Supercar Blondie – YouTube

We’ve taken a few stills from the video to show you the styling, like the front angle seen above, and a very impressive render of the rear which really took a lot of inspiration from the V12 Vision, which I have seen in real life, and is an absolutely stunning concept car.

Render copyright Supercar Blondie – YouTube

And they even rendered an interior, which looks a lot like the one found inside the Sián or Countach LPI 800-4, which they already admit will probably not make it into production because of how narrow the actual cockpit would become on this Lamborghini hypercar.

Render copyright Supercar Blondie – YouTube

But let’s take a look at the video below and make up your mind for yourself … personally, I especially like the styling at the rear, not too sure about the front, however.