LB-Silhouette WORKS Huracan GT – Guide

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At the time of writing there isn’t a Lamborghini Huracan STS, or Super Trofeo Stradale, but it seems Kato-San solved this problem for the Huracan owners out there with his new LB-Silhouette WORKS Huracan GT aero kit, which takes the widebody conversion Liberty Walk already offers to a completely new level.

Kato-San already had two kits available for the Lamborghini Huracan, the ‘Normal Fenders‘ kit and naturally the ‘Wide body LB Performance‘ kit … but it seems he was asked to take it one step further, so he took a long look at the official factory build Huracan Super Trofeo and designed this new LB-Silhouette WORKS Huracan GT version … which literally transforms the Huracan into a street legal race car.

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So if you own a Lamborghini Huracan, and you have between US$40,000 and US$60,000 to spare you can get this new aero kit from Liberty Walk, the cheapest one is made from FRP while the most expensive kit is made from a combination of FRP, CFRP and Dry Carbon. Sounds confusing … perhaps a little overview will explain things:

The LB-Silhouette WORKS Huracan GT kit consists of a front bumper made from FRP, the lower front splitter (either FRP or CFRP), a rear bumper made from FRP, a massive rear diffuser either in FRP or CFRP. Naturally the wide fenders which are made from FRP all the time, the front hood with imitation air vents made from either FRP or CFRP … and then the ‘costly’ items come along, that monstrous rear wing is available in FRP, in CFRP or real dry carbon fiber, just like the new engine cover with the vertical fin, again availale in three different materials.

In case you want to install this amazing LB-Silhouette WORKS Huracan GT kit on a Huracan Coupé model you can opt for a version that offers complete replacements for the rear fenders at a premium of about $5,000 compared to the standard version … do note that this option does not exist for the Huracan Spyder at this moment, in fact the kit for the Huracan Spyder does not include an engine cover, but still costs between US$43,850 and US$59,830.

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Do keep in mind the pricetag of about $60,000 is for the kit alone, you’ll have to add the price for fitting this one onto your Huracan, which might take a few hours before you’ll have to get it painted (or wrapped), so that could take a few thousand dollar extra … and then you still have to get a lowered suspension, preferably the $9,500 Airrex air ride kit.

But a wide body conversion like this new LB-Silhouette WORKS Huracan GT really needs a new set of rubber too, very wide and with the correct offset to make sure the wheels fill the wide fenders with the necessary rubber … which could set you back a lot of money too, so complete with fitting, painting and all the other ‘little’ necesities you might be looking at something like $100,000 on top of the value of the Lamborghini Huracan itself … but it does look amazing right?

More info and prices for the individual parts can be found on the official LB-Silhouette WORKS Huracan GT page at Liberty Walk.