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We all know LB Performance as the Japanese based tuner that transforms exotic super cars into wide body, low riding, uber impressive exotics … earlier models include the LB Works Murciélago and the LB Works Aventador, but now they have turned their attention to the latest product made in Sant’Agata … the Huracan.

Still only a render, but LB Performance has listed their new LB Works Huracan as ‘coming soon’ on their website, showing five different angles of a white Lamborghini V10 with the LB Performance trademark wide body aerodynamic kit … as usual with those exposed rivets still in plain sight and complete with that massive ‘duck tail’ fixed rear wing at the back of the venerable Huracan.

Up front it looks like LB Performance will be mounting additional carbon fiber sections underneath the standard front bumper making the Huracan ride very low already, the side fenders receive massive extensions in true LB Works style with exposed rivets mounting them onto the original Lamborghini fenders, just like over the rear wheels … another set of wide extensions get riveted onto the original bodywork … both the front and rear wheel arches require to be cut larger in fact so LB Performance can install another trademark for their LB Works kits … the extremely low riding suspension.

Once again LB Performance drops their latest LB Works kit completely to the floor, which looks amazing, but could pose some issues on the open road .. hence these kits are also known as ‘bagged suspension’ … an air compressor and one or more air tanks are used to raise and lower the car when required … and it does look ever so intimidating …

From the renders it seems the side sills are kept standard with their air intakes just ahead of the rear wheels, but there is a clear carbon fiber fin added anyway, with a small upright section behind the front wheels while the rear lower diffuser also receives some additional fins underneath the dual exhaust pipes on either side.

Now these renders show what looks like the standard exhaust tips on the Huracan, but I’m sure we’ll be getting another flame spitting, custom made exhaust system for this V10 Raging Bull in the end … making her thunder even more.

A closer look at the rear also shows that fixed rear wing is in fact a three part unit, with the engine cover of the Huracan opening up complete with a section above the rear fascia, it makes sense for LB Performance to actually cut their large rear wing at that spot and have the two outer sections remain fixed to the bodywork while the center section goes up with the engine cover.

For the moment LB Performance has shown five different renders of a white Lamborghini Huracan with their LB Works kit, but I’m sure they will be building it on a more exotic shade … perhaps even the baby blue finished used on their Aventador wide body.