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Only a few months ago Automobili Lamborghini SpA performed their ‘teaser’ trick again with the 2010 Paris Auto Show concept car … it ended up being a super light weight, full carbon fiber concept aptly called the ‘Sesto Elemento’ as carbon fiber is the sixth element on the board.

The response was almost unanimously positive, and many would be owners requested a price for this unique car, remember that the Sesto Elemento shown in Paris actually drives, and it drives fast, with less than 1000 Kgs in weight and a healthy 570 Bhp from the Gallardo sourced V10 it is safe to say the Sesto Elemento is a fast running Bull.

All our sources at the factory said any kind of production was not foreseen for this car, it was strictly a showcase of the carbon fiber knowledge Automobili Lamborghini SpA possesses, and ways to implement this onto an actual running car.

The Sesto Elemento was completely built from carbon fiber, even the seats were molded in this lightweight material before they received the contrasting red upholstery, the dashboard was almost non existent anyway, but those parts that did remain for rigidity were naturally again finished in carbon fiber, very nice and extremely light weight.

But now rumors are getting round that a very limited production run of the Sesto Elemento could be possible, demand is surely enough to built at least 20 units at a nice price of over 1 million Euro ! (does this ring a bell … remember the Reventón …)

However there are a few small details that can’t be overlooked … the Sesto Elemento as it was shown in Paris doesn’t have the necessary safety measures required for street legal driving. For one there are no airbags present, and somehow I doubt the shape of the dashboard is safe enough in case of a crash (however it is carbon fiber so it surely is strong enough) … take a minute to think about crash testing a Sesto Elemento … what a waste !

So street legal cruising in the Sesto Elemento might not be an option, but why not release it as a track car ? Maserati did it before with the MC12 Corsa and arch rival Ferrari built the FXX, both very expensive and extremely rare cars that can’t see any legal road use either, so a market for a Sesto Elemento ‘R’ is surely available … I would say : go for it, I would love to encounter it on the track during an event wouldn’t you ?