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I for one actually liked the French made Boxer Bikes Lamborghini made back in the Eighties, when Mimran owned Automobili Lamborghini SpA. The idea of expanding the Raging Bull legacy into a motorcycle wasn’t so farfetched if you ask me another exotic brand known as Bimota did a similar thing: take a well-known, reliable Japanese made engine and put Italian styling around it.

Fast forward to present day and we see the two-wheel apeal isn’t over when it comes to Lamborghini, Laurentiu Trifescu, a Romanian designer put together a striking looking Lamborghini superbike he took several styling cues from both the Murciélago and the Gallardo model, and translated them onto an aerodynamic concept that looks like something the Italian super car builder could consider producing.

The angular lines of the design are characteristic to current Lamborghini models while the clean lines are being used on the four wheel Bulls too this Lamborghini Caramelo fits right into the design philosophy of Sant’Agata.

Trifescu came up with the name Caramelo for his superbike, and staying in touch with the tradition of the actual Lamborghini exotics, the name was taken from a famous Spanish bull. In this case, Caramelo defeated both a lion and a tiger in the Madrid arena back in 1877. The bull’s courage and strength impressed the audience so much that they yelled for it to be spared the Caramelo name is still remembered today.

Even the manufacturing process would fit Lamborghini, the frame is to be made up from a tubular steel setup showing a single-sided swing arm suspension, large Brembo brakes and a powerful V4 engine with a 1,000 cc displacement and ample power to reach speeds in line with the four wheel cousins from Sant’Agata.