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As a Gallardo owner you know you’ll be ending up with an ‘old’ car next year, usually when a successor comes around the value of the original car drops a little, and with production numbers on this V10 Raging Bull being rather high it could be a perfect timing to buy into the Lamborghini legacy.

The car on this page is a first edition Gallardo Spyder, built between 2005 and 2008 when it was replaced by the updated LP560-4 Spyder edition … still many people actually prefer the original design of the V10, and you have to admit this specific convertible Bull looks really good in bright yellow pearl metallic paint … especially with that two tone interior, combining yellow and black perfectly, add those color coded brake calipers into the equation and you have a very nice, albeit aging Gallardo.

So what can you do to drag your original Gallardo into 2013? Some might opt for a Performante look alike by installing some body kit showing the Superleggera or Performante design, but this specific Gallardo model could become a classic one day, so you wouldn’t want to mess around with it, a Spyder will always be more attractive in the long run compared to a coupé version, so the owner of this Bull didn’t go to extremes … on the body.

He did have some really amazing looking wheels mounted, going up one notch from the original 19 inch wheels to a full 20 inch tall wheel from Concavo, their CW-S5 to be exact, and as it is available in 20x9inch and 20×10.5 inch I’m taking a wild guess here the front got the 9-inch wide rims while the 10.5 inch ones went on the back axle … all covered with Hankook tires.

Do note these wheels also come in 22 inch tall, but I don’t think those would fit on this Gallardo Spyder, with these 20 inch installed the car looks fresh and very contemporary again. The owner did go for the fashionable matte black finished, but only ‘inside’ the wheel, the face of this dual five spoke design has been machined in to a stunning gloss.

It is obvious a new set of wheels can make … or break a car, in this case I think we can go for the first feeling, these wheels do look a bit like the ones mounted on the LP570-4 Superleggera and Performante with their twin spoke design, I for one really like the rear ones with their deep concave style.

To complete the personal touch to this Gallardo Spyder the rear diffuser has been covered with valuable pearl metallic yellow paint white the taillights and side lights get a touch of black over them, add the black roof and it all blends in together ever so nicely.