RevoZport LaMotta LP900 Aventador – Guide

Revozport lamotta lp900 aventador - guide - lamborghini aventador s
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The list of companies offering aerodynamic parts for the Lamborghini Aventador has been growing steadily over the last two years, some of them drastically changed the looks of the Sant’Agata made exotic while others keep it simple with a set of fins all around … Mansory and DMC were the first to offer aero styling for the V12 flagship, both also have some serious engine tuning in their offerings, Mansory even has a 1,250 hp twin turbo Carbonado available while DMC offers an LP900 update without reverting to turbocharging.

Oakley Design has an LP760-2 available, 760hp with rear wheel drive only, while Underground Racing offers a twin turbo Aventador setup right up to 1,200hp … Vorsteiner takes a more moderate approach with ‘only’ 740hp in their Aventador-V LP740 while Novitec has a few options in the new Torado series with ‘Power Stages’ from 722 to 748hp while the top of the line Novitec Torado is the Bi-Kompressor version with no less than 969hp … so as an Aventador owner you already have a lot of options … both for the exterior as for the actual performance of your Raging Bull … and things just got a little more interesting.

RevoZport, based in Hong Kong with a European HQ in London, has just joined the ranks of the Lamborghini Aventador tuners, and not only did they come up with a very innovative looking aerodynamic package, RevoZport also offers a power upgrade for the 6.5 liter V12 engine … numbers like 820hp have been floating around on the internet … however on their official website they mention the LaMotta LP900 … which could mean power output went from the standard 700hp right up to 900hp instead of 820hp.

First a closer look at the exterior of the white Lamborghini Aventador LaMotta shown by RevoZport, up front we note a new fin underneath the original bumper, unlike most other tuners RevoZport raised the center section of their fin and installed Jota style ‘fins’ on the corners of this bumper lip, a featured that is replicated on the side skirts just ahead of the rear wheels too.

Around the back we find a new lower diffuser and a very, very impressive rear wing which once again is a RevoZport exclusive design, not only is the styling of the wing itself very refreshing, the struts are a work of art on their own … do note all these parts are finished in a beautiful clear carbon fiber with a red pinstripe … could the latter have been inspired by the Lamborghini Veneno?

And these aren’t the only parts made from carbon fiber, in fact RevoZport replaced the original hood with a cf model weighing only 3kgs, while the seats were removed to have carbon fiber tubs with an alcantara upholstery mounted instead, the door panels are made from carbon fiber while the exhaust system got removed in favor of an inconel made system (developed by their UK based engineering team by the way) … in fact all the updates from RevoZport shave a total of 80kgs from the overall weight of the original Aventador, instead of 1600kgs this lady now puts a mere 1520kgs on the scales.

Those stunning new lightweight wheels in large 20 and 21 inch size also add to the weight loss of the LaMotta … made by Klassen ID these aerospace grade alu wheels are almost 1.5kgs lighter than the factory wheels.

Combine the 80kgs less weight to a remapped ECU that unleashes 820hp from the V12 without reverting to a turbo installation and you just know this LaMotta means business on the open road … however we would advice looking for the limits of this car on an enclosed track to be honest … might be the Aventador LaMotta is just a bit too powerful to be used to its full potential on public roads.

Removing weight and releasing more power from the normally aspirated engine … sounds familiar no? The exact same thing was done by Automobili Lamborghini SpA on the Gallardo Superleggera while the Murciélago LP670-4 Super Veloce followed a similar path back in 2009 … we all expect the factory made Aventador SV to go down this road too … more power and a more aggressive style, somehow I think the real Aventador SV will no simply be adding a few fins and skirts … instead it will boast a very impressive styling with a massive, probably optional, rear wing.

Let’s hope we’ll be seeing a RevoZport Lamborghini Aventador LaMotta LP900 in the United Kingdom soon, can’t wait to see how it looks in real life.


More information: RevoZport Racing Technology Ltd.