Oakley Design Lamborghini Aventador LP760-2 – Guide

Oakley design lamborghini aventador lp760-2 - guide - lamborghini aventador

The Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 is getting delivered on a steady basis these days, and as a subsequence we are quickly seeing various tuners out there bringing out their own version of this brand new V12 Lamborghini flagship … Oakley Design managed to do something a bit different with their first (of five) Carbon Edition LP760-2 Aventador.

Not only did Oakley Design boost the power output of the V12 engine, but they also converted the car to rear wheel drive only, hence the ‘-2’ suffix in the designation … a novelty on the Aventador, and perhaps not required by all possible customers, so Oakley only performs this change on special request.

But it isn’t just removing the drive shaft to the front, the process is a bit more complicated, naturally the front differential is taken away, together with the drive shafts and various drivetrain parts up front … lightening the car by about 130Kgs, handling is totally changed naturally and specific suspension modifications are required, the latter being handled by Intrax.

When you look at the Oakley Design Aventador LP760-2 Carbon Edition the first thing you will probably notice are the wheels, one of the eye-catching customizing touches we’ll probably be seeing a lot on the Aventador over the months to come … Oakley Design went for a glossy black finish on some massive cross spoke rims from HRE, one inch wider compared to the regular wheels at the back and half an inch wider at the front.

Taken a different programming into the ECU and installing a new, titanium made exhaust system that shaves another 35Kgs from the overall weight, the mighty 6.5 Liter V12 engine now manages to drive a total of 783 hp to the rear wheels, which as it happens also remove an extra 5Kgs from the weight of this Raging Bull.

So we have power to spare now, how about looks and styling ? Oakley Design didn’t go overboard on this, which is a good thing, sure there is a modified front bumper that received some extensions, the side air outlets in front of the wheels have carbon fiber trim, but the most impressive addition is that amazing looking, clear carbon fiber finished rear wing. The standard Aventador has an electronically adjustable rear wing that sits nice and flush with the bodywork when lowered, this one has been de-activated and a large, manually adjustable aerofoil has been installed instead … looks impressive I must say.

To make a statement the roof pillars, the roof itself, the high mounted side air intakes and the top of the rear view mirrors are finished in a contrasting color against the bodywork, something we’ve seen in various mock-up renderings already, an easy way to distinguish the car from a factory original model.

If you look inside you are welcomed by a nice, sober black leather interior with red stitching, nothing special, but a car like this doesn’t need a screaming bright interior anyway, both on the dashboard and in the engine compartment there is a small plaque with the serial number of this car, the Oakley Design Lamborghini Aventador LP760-2  Carbon Edition 1 of 5 … yep only five will be built, and three of them are already accounted for, so if you would like to add one of these to your garage you’ll have to be quick on the draw.