Aventador by underground racing - lamborghini aventador

We have already seen a few tuners trying their hand on the Lamborghini Aventador, Oakley is able to deliver 760 hp … on the rear wheels only if required, but Wheelsandmore goes even further with their LP777-4 version, accordingly putting 777 hp on all four wheels.

But Underground Racing, well known for their Twin Turbo conversions of the Gallardo and Murciélago models, beats them all hands down … after they installed a brand new Twin Turbo onto the Aventador V12 engine power output went up to a massive 1200hp … Bugatti Veyron Super Sport eat your heart out … the Raging Bull just catched up !

Once Underground Racing got their hands on a standard Lamborghini Aventador it quickly became obvious this wasn’t a simple task, just bolting on a Twin Turbo system was out of the question on this highly developed V12 engine, apparently Automobili Lamborghini SpA isn’t too keen on having third party tuners playing around with their new flagship V12.

But Underground Racing isn’t some hobby club in a dark shed … they have a special R&D department that spent countless hours driving and getting to know the new Lamborghini Aventador model … and in the end it became clear they had to do a complete engine rebuild to put in a Twin Turbo conversion that could survive … both the add-on kit and the original engine-transmission setup … the Aventador is already a tuned car straight from the factory, changing any of the variable on it might make it completely useless on the road … or even worse, blow up the engine.

Also note Underground Racing mounts their QuickShift upgrade that allows the gearbox to change gears even faster than the standard one, which wasn’t too slow either … after finishing this car the team took it onto the open road … riding on OEM street tires in normal outside conditions they managed to go from a standstill to 60 Mph in … 2.2 seconds !

You might notice on one of the shots the Twin Turbo installation is just a mock-up on the photo, Underground Racing deliberatly did this, they have found out people are copying their hard work after studying the specifications and photos … and selling it cheaper … totally unacceptable if you ask me, so I don’t have a problem they are hiding their hard work out of plain view.

Over the next weeks and months you will be able to admire this very car at several events when Underground Racing will demonstrate the sheer power of this Raging Bull … stay tuned, a first video has already been published :