Aventador-V LP740 by Vorsteiner – Guide

Aventador-v lp740 by vorsteiner - guide - 2014 lamborghini aventador
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It took Vorsteiner nearly 12 months to complete their Aventador V LP740 aerodynamic kit before their subsidiary Vorsteiner Nero would release it onto the market for the Lamborghini V12 flagship model … head-on with some fierce competition from many other companies that offer more or less similar packages, still the Vorsteiner Nero kit has a big advantage according to them.

Instead of creating a massive body kit replacing original parts with much larger units the Vorsteiner Nero kit actually adds only a few, well engineered touches to keep the factory design language and improve them with enhanced aerodynamic parts.

In fact Vorsteiner made a complete 3D scan of an original Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 before even starting any design of their own, all through the development stage every part was tested in a virtual wind tunnel to make sure the air flow and down-force was actually enhancing the original car and not only there for aesthetic reasons … the Vorsteiner Nero kit should not only look good, but perform even better.

Initial prototyping was executed on a CNC machine after which every single part was installed on an actual Aventador, before being modified and altered to perfection … only when the part would allow a factory alike fitment the tooling was created to build the actual production part in 2×2 carbon fiber pattern.

In the end the Vorsteiner Nero Aventador V kit consists of a three piece front lip with vertical fins on either side, a set of side skirts that show another vertical fin at the front and a ‘winglet’ just in front of the rear wheels, a clear carbon fiber lower diffuser at the back completes the ‘lower’ parts. However one of the most impressive achievements from Vorsteiner is their unique rear wing design.

During the development of this aerodynamic kit Vorsteiner insisted the factory original active aero function of the standard rear wing would be retained without showing any errors on the dashboard … keep in mind the fact the original wing ‘rises’ isn’t only to increase down-force but also to allow more air to be extracted from the engine compartment … even with the Vorsteiner carbon fiber rear wing installed this functionality remains.

The rear wing isn’t even bolted onto the factory original wing but completely replaces it for a much better, more integrated installation … and just in case the factory original carbon fiber exterior kit (air intakes, air outlets, side intakes …) wasn’t installed on your Aventador Vorsteiner offers a complete OEM kit to achieve the same look.

Add to this the impressive monoblock wheels from Vorsteiner in 9×20 inch at the front and 13×21 inch at the back with Italian tires from Pirelli to shave some more weight from the Aventador together with the Aventador-V ECU software flash that unleashes 40 more hp and you’ll end up with a Lamborghini Aventador that not only looks good, but offers more power and an enhanced throttle response.

The Lamborghini Aventador-V LP740 by Vorsteiner Nero is another possibility for those looking to personalize their car into something different … a lot of tuners have been offering parts for the current V12 flagship from Sant’Agata … and the list is constantly growing, so let’s see if Vorsteiner can convince with their extremely engineered parts.