Dmc lp900 molto veloce aventador - guide - lamborghini aventador

DMC was one of the first to have put together a complete styling package for the new Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, the German based tuner naturally turned to lightweight carbon fiber when it came to develop their custom look on the V12 flagship model.

The entire set is called the Molto Veloce by DMC and it contains a new front diffuser, optional flaps to be mounted on the side of the original front bumper, a replacement for the mat black center lip originally mounted on the front bumper, new side skirts in Superleggera look, a new rear diffuser with additional tunnel underneath and a great looking, Super Veloce style rear wing … and all parts are available in clear, glossy carbon fiber, but they can also be painted in a contrasting shade to the rest of the bodywork or in the same paint … whatever the customer prefers.

With the high SV look rear wing you actually get two options from DMC, you know there is an adjustable rear wing sitting flush with the body on the original Aventador, this item can be replaced with a DMC unit finished in clear carbon fiber … but if the owner also orders the SV rear wing DMC will deliver this lower unit with pre-drilled holes which make installing the SV wing very easy, and has the additional advantage you can fit the original wing back in place as you didn’t have to get holes drilled into it.

These add-ons not only look good in their carbon fiber finish, but they have been designed to lower the weight when replacing original parts and to increase stability at speed … especially if you opt for the extensive engine modification … more on that later.

If you take a close look at the DMC Molto Veloce exterior kit you will notice it keeps in line with the original car, there are no extreme parts added to the clean lines, apart from the large SV rear wing a casual onlooker will have to take a second look to see the changes … they might be subbtle, but they are effective, and carry a hefty price tag of €19,500 … which is nothing compared to the quote on the engine modifications.

DMC calls this car the LP900 Molto Veloce, and you’ve guessed it, that 900 stands for the power output after DMC takes apart the engine and rebuids it with new overhead throttle valves per cylinder row, DMC mounts a total of twelve single intake throttle plates, a unique one for each cylinder. Fuel pumps, fuel lines, pressure units and the injection nozzles are all replaced by DMC made parts … to keep it all working together the electronics are reprogrammed and all wiring is replaced … after which the engine gets the ‘LP900’ name from DMC, who insist you ship the car to Germany for the engine modification, just to make sure it is reliable after the upgrade.

Are you sitting down? The price tag for the engine rebirth as an LP900 will set you back €80,000, but it does include the amazing sounding DMC exhaust unit, which not only makes the Aventador howl like it should, but also adds 15hp on it’s own … tested on the Dyno.

And the invoice isn’t done yet … we’re at €99,500 over the original price of the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 used as a basis, but if you want a bespoke interior you can add another €17,700 to the bill, but in return you get something really special combining leather, alcantara and … carbon fiber, what else?

Keep in mind we haven’t discussed wheels yet, DMC will advice you to go for a set of ADV.1 wheels, and I can’t blame them, ADV has some amazing looking wheels for just about all Lamborghini models, including the Aventador … expect about €8,000 for a set .

So bottom line the DMC LP900 Molto Veloce will set you back an additional €125,000 over the sticker price of the Aventador, but in return you get something really special, almost unique, with lots of power and subbtle but different looks … I’m sure owners of the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 could be tempted to convert their V12 into a Molto Veloce.