Novitec Torado Aventador LP700-4 – Guide

Novitec torado aventador lp700-4 - guide - 2013 lamborghini aventador
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After a few teasers we now finally can admire the result of a brand new tuning package for the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, and to be honest it looks absolutely amazing … very aggressive and still stylish, a difficult combination to obtain but I didn’t expect anything less from newly founded Novitec Torado, a division of Novitec Group … which we all know has been offering some of the best tuning on the market for Ferrari and Maserati … now Novitec enters the arena of the Raging Bull.

And they burst through to the top of the performance scheme by offering a Bi-Compressor engine tuning that could boost power right up to 1000hp/736kW … that has been Underground Racing Twin Turbo territory until now, however Novitec Torado also offers a more subtle engine modification in four different stages running from 722hp up to 748hp by installing a different exhaust system (optionally available in INCONEL and with remote control flap adjustment) … but the big boy option remains the Novitec Bi-Kompressor (L1 111 01) that includes two large superchargers with custom turbine blades, separated oil-circuit, modified induction, water-cooled intercoolers with additional extra-large watercoolers, pumps, reinforced v-ripped belts, injectors, high-performance fuel pumps and finally custom programmed ECU.

We all know you need a special exhaust system to really liberate the power into the surroundings, the amazing sound is a nice extra I guess, so Novitec Torado has a few options listed for the discerning Aventador owner: you can go for a stainless steel system optimized for power without flap control (sheds 13kg compared to the regular exhaust), or the same exhaust with flap control (changes the sound too by the way) that is about 14kg lighter … top of the line is the new Race Exhaust, which in stainless steel version is 20kg lighter … but all of these exhaust systems are also available in Formula One derived INCONEL which is even lighter. Going all the way would involve replacing the standard catalysts with either the Novitec Sport Metal catalysts (5kg lighter) or taking your Aventador into the next level by using ‘Cat-replacement’ pipes that drop 7kg … but can only be used in combination with one of the aforementioned Novitec exhaust systems.

Some raw figures perhaps: power output with the Bi-Kompressor kit has been measured at 969hp (713 kW) at 8,300rpm with a boost setting of 0.47 bar, this results in a maximum torque output of 912 Nm at 6,600rpm and an acceleration from 0 to 100Km/h in only 2.8 seconds while the 200Km/h marker is reached after a mere 7.4 seconds. (regular Aventador LP700-4 figures are 700hp at 8,250rpm, 690 Nm at 5,500rpm and 0 to 100Km/h in 2.9 seconds)

Those are some impressive figures, but most of the time onlookers will not be able to tell just how fast this Aventador is, nor will you be able to fully enjoy the extra power on the open road with all the speed restrictions and legislation preventing you from having some fun … so it comes down to creating a look that goes with a 1,000hp Raging Bull … and the designers from Novitec Torado didn’t drop the penny here, their aerodynamic add-ons and custom wheels are just … stupendously beautiful.

Wheels are Novitec exclusive NL1 3-piece forged units, 9×20 inch up front and 13×21 inch at the back, naturally wearing Italian designer tires in the form of the well-known Pirelli P-Zero ones, 255/30 R30 and 355/25 R21 respectively. As these are multi-piece rims you can order them in various finishes like either a silver or a black central spider with a highly polished chrome lip, or have both the center and the lip painted in contrasting, color coded shades … the one I would go for would be a titanium center with a clear carbon fiber coated lip.

Keeping these wide tires in contact with the road at all times has to be a priority on a car like the Lamborghini Aventador, even more so when you add about 300hp on top of the standard engine, Lamborghini already covered this with their horizontal spring mounting taken from the race track, but Novitec still offers some modifications. You can opt to replace the factory springs with a set of Novitec Sport Springs that will lower this Bull about 30mm or go for the top of the line KW Aluminum coil over suspension including dual adjustable aluminum shock absorbers with separated expansion reservoir on the damper housing, compression and rebound is adjustable both for the front and the rear.

Still what most people will see are the various aerodynamic parts that are available from Novitec Torado for the Aventador LP700-4 like the front spoiler lip in two parts, a right and a left section that extends the original bumper further forward thus increasing negative lift, add the central section too so it completes the look at the front. I’ve seen several different side sills from other tuners but I have to admit these new Novitec Torado side panels are something special, they look like they have integrated air vents, but apart from the first one at the front the others are for show only apparently.

Now the really good stuff comes around … Novitec Torado has a completely new front hood with integrated air intakes and vents available, in a stunning triangular design that reminds us of the vents seen on the Sesto Elemento … and it can be ordered in clear carbon fiber finish too just like the dual roof air intakes also available … I’ve been dreaming about this ever since 2011, Diablo SV air intakes but in a more modern design, actually made it in 1/18 once and they looked similar to these Novitec units.

A tuning package just isn’t complete without a rear wing, and once again Novitec Torado takes a different path then other tuners out there, most of the rear wings for the Lamborghini Aventador have some relation to the Murciélago Super Veloce unit, beautiful as it might be the Novitec Torado rear wing follows the design of the rear section but stands on two ‘angled’ struts which create a really special look, and to make it even more interesting you can opt for a ‘double rear wing’ which adds a section on top of the basic Novitec Torado wing to create a ‘tunnel’ that support negative lift.

On the lower section of the rear Novitec Torado can install a new diffuser, now I’ve seen that before, but this is new … Novitec also offers optional fins to be mounted underneath this diffuser that make the rear look even more aggressive … especially being finished in clear carbon fiber like all the other parts in the Novitec Torado exterior tuning package, you can either paint these parts color coded to the car or in a contrasting shade … or just go for a visible carbon fiber look.

The same carbon fiber finish can be applied to the air vents in front of the windshield, the intakes behind the side windows, the air intakes in the front bumper and air vents in the rear section … these latter two are also modified by Novitec to allow a better airflow … that’s also why there is a new ‘fin’ to be mounted on the large side air intake and you can install a different outlet on the engine cover … all to have improved ventilation on the Novitec Torado Aventador … the final touch are the two carbon fiber covers that go onto the top section of the exterior rear view mirrors.

This covers the engine tuning, suspension modifications and the exterior view of the Novitec Torado, but as an owner you’ll be spending some serious inside the car behind the steering wheel … and you can have the cockpit fully customized by Novitec Torado too. How about having those grey sections on the steering wheel finished in clear carbon fiber, just like the dashboard pod surround, the shift levers behind the steering wheel, the central console, the armrest, the cover for the storage compartment, the door handles and even the upper section of the door panel and the door sills … all available in clear carbon fiber. Still not satisfied … no problem, Novitec Torado offers a totally custom made interior where the sky is the limit.

Just in case you might get bored with the sound of that amazing V12 engine behind you Novitec Torado has asked Revox to develop an exclusive sound system for the Aventador like no other, REVOX of Switzerland based it on their on REVOX’s extensive experience producing high end equipment for recording studios and their philosophy that whatever the function, whatever the technology, anything is possible.

If all this has got you interested in having your very own Lamborghini Aventador taken care of by Novitec Torado you should get in touch with them :