DMC Aventador Edizione GT Las Americas – Guide

Dmc aventador edizione gt las americas - guide - lamborghini
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The name DMC stands undoubtedly for the benchmark in Lamborghini refinement. The Germans were first in 2012 to launch an aerodynamic kit for the Aventador, which was quickly followed by Limited Edition just a few months later. Today, we are proud to introduce you to their latest  creation, the Edizione-GT “Las Americas”

Can this car be the new reference and beat their own in-house benchmark once more? It likely seems so, but judge for yourself. Developed in partnership with Creative Bespoke USA, Fie Exhaust, and Forgiato Wheels, the car is as nuts as one can imagine.

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It’s a continued improvement over DMC’s E-GT, which is a green card for their engineers to make the best products possible, without concerning market boundaries. The minimum principles that DMC starts playing around with, are FIA Regulations!

How much will it set you back? The whole package starts at around 88,880 USD and goes up from there. They say the sky is the Limit, and that seems to work just fine here as well, with options that can quickly reach the 300K USD mark. But then, there are only 3 of these engineering wonders to be made, how ultra-exclusive do you want to be?

The majority of the funds go into the CB engine upgrade, Forgiato wheels, a new Fie exhaust and the DMC Body Kit. The latter one starts off by completely replacing the standard Lamborghini body with newly designed carbon fiber parts: Front and Rear bumper have to go, new ones come in with a swift.

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The engine bonnet includes a motor cooling air-scoop, the sides add downforce and F1 canards improve the overall aerodynamics. Until we come to the most prominent part of this kit, the massive GT Wing Spoiler. It can be set into 3 different angles for City, Corsa and Crazy mode.

In the end, you get a car that seems to be out of this world, and honestly spoken – it really looks a bit like a spaceship. DMC’s CEO told us that his design influences come from watching Japanese cartoons when he was a young kid – Captain Future and Gundam in particular. No wonder his creations wear an aggressive and sporty line, especially popular in Asia and the Middle-East.

Honestly, we have never seen so much Carbon fiber on a Lamborghini before, but we guess there’s no such thing as TOO MUCH when it comes to light-weight composites and super-cars, do you agree? The package is completed with a full array of tunnels, flaps and diffusers, all located on the parts mentioned above, truly making the car stand out uniquely in its future home.

That is if you can get one: DMC informs us that the package is a LIMITED EDITION, that can’t be purchased by simply offering money. Potential buyers have to apply before being able to buy: Each of the 3 units is strictly limited to only one (1!) color and/or style, making every one of them unique.

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DMC won’t sell the same color twice, so you would either need to change or discuss a special design pattern with the German engineers.

While DMC’s previous engine modifications were achieved through individual intake throttle plates for each of the 12 cylinders, new fuel pumps, fuel lines, modulators and injection nozzles, the LP988 has been subject to a TWIN-TURBO procedure in combination with a reprogrammed ECU.

A set of forged alloy wheels and a new kit of suspensions keep the beat on the road, but let’s not forget that the aero parts were initially developed to cope with the stronger car performance.

It’s worthwhile to mention that DMC guarantees again no visible damage by using their components, the car can be, at any time, be returned to the OEM look, which can be useful. Owners may keep the stock bumpers and they can be put back on the car if needed.

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The package is finalized with exclusive interior refinements using Italian fine leathers and carbon finer. Plenty of buttons and trims are available as a small package, a redesigned steering wheel adds on to complete a medium package or the whole interior can be redone for the VIP package.

Small and Medium Projects can be done remotely, but the car needs to be shipped to Germany if a whole interior make-over is requested.