2022 Lamborghini Urus Mansory Venatus By Mansory

The custom Urus Gets Bi-Color Paint and 900 Horsepower Upgrade

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Mansory is yet again introducing a over-the-top Urus SUV, offering an extreme makeover and introducing it as the Venatus Evo S. Limited to just ten units; this model showcases a significant outlandish and  visual transformation combined with a notable increase in power.

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The Venatus Evo S takes the already aggressive styling from previous Mansory Venatus iterations and elevates it further. It introduces distinctive design elements, such as an enhanced front splitter that confidently protrudes from its angular facade and an additional canard on the end wing. Mansory also revised the front fender vents, added stylish touches to the side sills, and adjusted the rear wing and roof spoiler. The striking black-and-white bi-color exterior paint scheme further enhances the progressive changes.

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mansory lamborghini urus profile showcasing crazy two-tone gradient paint job and bodykit.

Although specific modifications to the Urus’ twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 are undisclosed, Mansory did announce that the tuned SUV offers an impressive power output of 900 horsepower (671 kilowatts) and 811 pound-feet (1,100 Newton-meters) of torque for the modified Urus. They surpass the stock figures of 641 hp (477 kW) and 627 lb-ft (850 Nm) of torque.

Transferring this immense power to the road are lightweight 24-inch forged wheels with a width of 10 inches at the front and 12 inches at the rear. The Venatus Evo S claims a 0-62 mph acceleration time of 2.9 seconds while elevating the Urus top speed from 190 mph to an impressive 200 mph (323 kph).

Mansory has released only one image of the interior, which showcases Vibrant yellow hues complemented by white accents on the steering wheel, and also on the floor mats and doors. A striking black trim elegantly breaks through the vibrant yellow elements.

Watch the video of the Mansory Venatus Evo S here:

Mansory Venatus Evo S Gallery:

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