2023 Novitec Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae Is A Striking Carbon Fiber-Clad Coupe

The changes primarily focus on cosmetics, with no mechanical alterations made.

Lamborghini recently unveiled their latest hybrid supercar, the Revuelto, as the successor to the iconic Aventador. In a special tribute to the Aventador, German car tuner Novitec introduced a custom LP 780-4 Ultimae variant “limited to” 250 units.

This Ultimae, not ultimate, model showcases tailor-made carbon aerodynamic components that enhance its performance and elevate its visual appeal. It also boasts specially developed 20-inch and 21-inch NL4 centre lock forged wheels that are crafted in collaboration with Vossen (a renowned manufacturer of aftermarket alloy wheels), with a choice of 72 colours and available in both brushed or polished finish.

The drivetrain is untouched, with a Lambo 6.5-litre V12 under the hood delivering 769 horsepower and 720Nm of torque on all four wheels. But the German tuner incorporated an adaptive sports exhaust made from stainless steel, reducing the overall weight by an additional 42 pounds and delivering the drama required to go along the body kit extravaganza. Novitec also lowered the ride by 35 millimetres, to “enhances its handling and agility”, it looks awesome!  Just look at the ground clearance in the photos, it is insane. But this should not be a problem for buyers located in middle east countries with silk-smooth tarmac.

Talking about the esthetics upgrades, the Novitec tuned LP 780-4 Ultimae gets upgraded front fascia featuring additional carbon fibre components, including spoilers/fins above and below the air intakes and tailor-made surrounds for the side intakes, optimizing airflow towards the front brakes. The new trunk lid integrates integral air ducts, effectively reducing front-axle lift and improving high-speed handling stability. The distinctive Novitec design extends to longer air vents on the front hood and rocker panel trim in front of the rear wheel arches, accentuating the car’s sporty side profile. To complete the package, rear quarter panel air intakes ensure ample airflow to the engine, while an optional rear wing is available in two variants.

Both coupe and drop-top versions of the LP 780-4 Ultimate can be equipped with Novitec’s carbon fibre components, allowing owners to personalize their Aventador’s appearance. Complementing the exterior updates, there is a wide range of interior colour choices available for this vehicle.

There are no Pricing details available about this special edition offering yet, but if are asking… you probably can’t afford it, so enjoy the awesome pictures ;).