Beyond: A Lamborghini Podcast That’s Inspiring and Free

The monthly podcast will explore topics like music, art, design, science, and fashion.

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Automobili Lamborghini is stepping into the podcasting space by introducing Beyond: A Lamborghini Podcast, offering enthusiasts an insider’s view of the renowned supercar world. The series, which kicked off on July 11, takes listeners on a comprehensive journey through the revered Sant’Agata factory and the genius minds crafting Lamborghini’s awe-inspiring machines.

Co-hosting Dynamics and Show’s Approach

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the upcoming episodes will cover a broad array of topics beyond automobiles

The podcast, co-hosted by Lamborghini’s Director of Communications, Tim Bravo, and lifestyle and music expert, Italian broadcaster Giulia Salvi, aims to bring a fresh perspective, shaking up traditional brand interaction methods. Covering a broad array of topics, including music, art, design, science, fashion, and more, it ventures truly “beyond” the realm of automobiles.

Content and Coverage: More than Just Cars

The series will spotlight key Lamborghini personnel who share their personal stories and insights into the rapidly advancing auto industry. This approach allows listeners a unique opportunity to delve into the complex dynamics of an industry that never stops moving.

The podcast also plans to include special guests from various fields outside of automotive, engaging in discussions with senior Lamborghini figures. These conversations intend to draw parallels between the inspirations and roles of these industry outsiders and the individuals steering Lamborghini.

Intimate Conversations: Lamborghini’s Personnel and Outsiders

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lamborghini ceo winkelmann was the chief guest of the first episode

In the podcast’s inaugural episode, Lamborghini’s Chairman and CEO, Stephan Winkelmann, speaks candidly about Lamborghini’s recent record-breaking sales and turnover figures. He also explores the company’s ambitious $1.8 billion electrification plan, illuminating the challenges of this considerable transition towards electric vehicles.

Winkelmann talks openly about his career: “You bear a great responsibility because we are small, and the investments are high… so we can’t afford to make any mistakes.” He continues, “We now have to guide the company through this transition phase, which is a genuine revolution, moving from internal combustion engine cars to plug-in and then possibly, with all the opportunities and challenges, to fully electric cars.”

Not Just Another Automobile Podcast: Lamborghini’s Unique Approach

Beyond: A Lamborghini Podcast is not your average automobile podcast. Like the supercars it produces, Lamborghini aims to be at the front, following luxury car manufacturers like Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW, who have similarly embraced podcasting.

Beyond: A Lamborghini Podcast will release new episodes monthly, providing an insider’s view of one of the world’s most respected automobile manufacturers, their key figures, and the revolutionary ideas driving Lamborghini’s evolution.

Release Schedule and Listening Platforms for Beyond: A Lamborghini Podcast

Listeners can catch the series on Spotify and Apple Podcasts or view it on YouTube and the official Lamborghini website.

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