Buick Envista vs Lamborghini Urus: A Comparative Analysis

Exploring the Design, Performance, and Legacy of the two newly introduced SUVs

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Lamborghini is renowned for crafting stylish and sporty vehicles, but the company was not previously recognized for creating practical options. The 2017 launch of the Urus revolutionized this image. This SUV was an immediate success, captivating many enthusiasts as soon as it hit the market. It was heralded as one of Lamborghini’s most practical creations ever. The Urus melded the performance of a sports car with the luxury one expects from a high-end vehicle.

Today, we are set to contrast the Lamborghini Urus with the Buick Envista. Buick recently introduced the Envista in the USA, believing the product would resonate with American consumers. The new car is built on the General Motors VSS-F platform, which it shares with the Trax, and it also utilizes the same engine as the Trax. Unlike the Urus, however, the Envista stands out as a much more economical choice.

We will explore what makes these vehicles special and highlight their differences.

Historical Background

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Lamborghini Urus Origin (2017-)

Lamborghini had previously ventured into the SUV market with the LM002, affectionately dubbed the “Rambo Lambo,” in the 1980s. This was a limited production vehicle, and the company continued to concentrate on sports cars for many years.

The concept for the Lamborghini Urus was first introduced at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show, representing the vision of a high-performance SUV. After extensive development and refinement, the production model was finally unveiled in December 2017.

Buick Envista Origin (2022-)

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The Buick Envista is a front-wheel-drive, five-passenger, five-door compact crossover SUV produced and sold by General Motors under the Buick marque beginning in 2022. Initially revealed for the Chinese market in August 2022, GM brought the Envista to the United States in April 2023. The vehicle is manufactured in Changwon, South Korea, by GM Korea and in China by SAIC-GM.

Technical Specification

Specification Urus Envista
Engine V8, 4.0L 1.2 L, inline 3
Power 641-657 hp 136 hp
Torque 268-369 lb-ft 162 lb-ft
Transmission 8-speed transmission  6-speed  automatic
0-60 mph Acceleration 3,0 seconds 9.0 seconds
Top Speed 190 mph 155 mph
Weight 4986 lbs 3100–3200 lb



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The Lamborghini Urus, hailed by many as a contender for the world’s best SUV, is a marvel of design and engineering. It’s an extraordinary vehicle that has managed to fuse the muscular and aggressive aesthetic Lamborghini is renowned for with the practical considerations of an SUV.

Exterior Styling

The exterior of the Urus is a masterclass in optical illusion. With character lines pressed into its skin, the vehicle suggests muscular haunches and sucked-in sides. However, the sides of the Urus are nearly flat, and there’s not much extra bulge around the fenders. The high hood drops off sharply, adding to the vehicle’s unique appearance.

Built on the same MLB Evo platform as the Volkswagen Touareg, Porsche Cayenne, Bentley Bentayga, and Audi Q8, the Urus benefits from a ready-made base that offers excellent comfort, dynamics, and technology. Some might argue that this shared platform could limit the shape and styling of the car, but Lamborghini has skillfully dressed the Urus in a way that masks its Volkswagen Group lineage.

The front design features a broad flat bonnet that pays homage to Lamborghini’s supercar siblings. The Lamborghini badge takes center stage, with the bonnet artfully skirting around it, almost out of respect. Below, the giant grille, with its massive lower air intake and front splitter, contributes to the imposing appearance of the vehicle.

The Urus stands out with a side profile showcasing a sleek glasshouse and haunches that look spring-loaded. The Y-shaped tail-lights and tailgate lip spoiler give the car a distinctly Lamborghini flavor.

Heritage and Influence

The design of the Urus also includes a few nods to Lamborghini’s past, with squared-off wheel arches reminiscent of the original LM002 Lamborghini off-roader from the late 1980s. This isn’t Lamborghini’s first foray into the SUV market, and the design reflects a rich heritage.

The Urus is unapologetically extravagant. From the optional 23-inch wheels that some may find excessive to the carbon-fiber fuel cap on certain models, the Urus is replete with luxurious touches that make it uniquely over the top.

Buick Envista

2024 buick envista avenir 012

The automotive world is constantly evolving, and Buick is at the forefront of this transformation with the debut of the Envista. This crossover not only introduces an all-new styling language but also serves as a beacon that will guide the future design language of the brand.

Buick’s beautiful Wildcat Concept inspired the aesthetic of the Envista, though the latter’s epic coupe body style sadly didn’t make it into production. Nevertheless, the Envista stands out as an attractive crossover, adorned with a sharp and forward-leaning front end that pays homage to the Wildcat’s aesthetic legacy.

The newly restyled Buick logo, less frumpy than its predecessor, gives a modern touch to the vehicle’s appearance. It pairs seamlessly with Envista’s contemporary styling and adds a certain charisma to the design. The Wildcat-inspired LED checkmark lights, a significant aspect of the design, are striking, lending the Envista a distinct and attention-grabbing look that’s bound to turn heads.

Although Buick has avoided referring to the Envista as such, the silhouette and styling are undeniably reminiscent of the popular ‘coupe SUV’ segment. The rear glass of the Envista is sharply sloped, tapering off at the back and giving the crossover a sporty and unique appearance.

The Envista offers a range of wheel sizes to suit every preference and need. Customers can choose from 17 inches up to 19 inches, with the luxurious Avenir trim coming standard with 19-inch wheels. For the base Preferred trim, 17-inch wheels are standard, and 18-inch wheels are optional, while the Sport Touring variant is equipped with 18-inch black wheels. These options allow buyers to truly personalize their Envista, ensuring that it aligns with their style and driving requirements.

Performance and Handling


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Ride Quality: With the inclusion of air suspension equipped with an array of intelligent electronic systems, the Lamborghini Urus maintains a commendable level of comfort. Although it’s more sensitive to rough road surfaces than the Bentley Bentayga, especially at slower speeds, it doesn’t descend into outright discomfort. The Urus’s preference for smoother terrains is apparent, but in its mildest Strada suspension setting, the ride is quite placid on wavy asphalt, offering compliance without being sloppy or unpredictable. Even when switched to Sport mode, the suspension has sufficient flexibility to handle all but the most severe bumps.

Handling: The Lamborghini Urus is more than just an SUV; it’s a testament to engineering excellence that pushes the boundaries of physics. Weighing well over two tonnes, its handling is something that you might expect from a sports car rather than a massive utility vehicle.

Keen Cornering: One of the most captivating features of the Urus is how it turns into corners with such agility and precision. The quick steering response is surprising at first, becoming faster the more you turn the wheel. Although this might feel a little unnatural initially, it soon becomes intuitive, allowing drivers to place the nose of the vehicle with pinpoint accuracy. This robust and responsive steering system plays a vital role in the overall driving experience

Minimal Body Lean: You might expect a large, two-tonne vehicle to wallow and lean in the corners, but the Urus defies those expectations. Thanks to active anti-roll bars, a technological innovation that helps prop up the body during bends, there’s practically no perceptible body lean, regardless of your speed. This remarkable stability allows the Urus to roll less than some estate cars, enhancing the driving dynamics to a whole new level.

Grip Like No Other: Coupled with the minimal body lean, the Urus’s large tyres, which are grand enough to roll a soccer pitch, offer ridiculously high grip levels. This combination ensures that the Urus clings to the road with a confidence that few other vehicles can match, giving drivers the assurance to push the vehicle to its limits.

Four-Wheel Steering Magic: The Urus comes equipped with another trick to make cornering even more breathtaking: four-wheel steering. This state-of-the-art system enhances agility and reduces the turning circle at low speeds by turning the rear wheels in the opposite direction to the fronts. As you speed up, they turn in the same direction, thus improving stability and control.

Buck Envista

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Ride Quality: Buick’s legacy of delivering comfortable and poised vehicles continues with the Envista, a car that manages to embody all the characteristics that drivers have come to love about the brand. With its dainty dimensions and elegant engineering, the Envista provides an experience that combines gentle manoeuvring with powerful dynamics.

Suspension System: Smooth and Gentle Ride: Envista’s suspension system has been carefully crafted to absorb the shocks and jolts of rough pavements. The well-damped structure ensures that drivers and passengers enjoy a gentle and smooth ride without sacrificing responsiveness. Bumps and potholes are navigated with grace, allowing for comfortable long journeys and city commutes alike.


Quick and Responsive Steering: The steering system in the Buick Envista is another highlight. It’s reasonably quick, allowing for ease of control in tight areas and busy city streets. Maneuvering through traffic or squeezing into a tight parking spot becomes less of a hassle, thanks to this responsive and nimble steering design. The steering wheel communicates the road’s feedback without feeling overly sensitive, striking a balance between agility and stability.

Strong Braking System: Envista’s brakes are designed to provide strong and dependable stopping power. Whether navigating through the city or driving on the highway, the brakes respond promptly and consistently. Safety is a priority, and the braking system ensures that drivers have the control they need when it matters the most.

Controlled Body Lean and Reassuring Grip: While the Envista exhibits some body lean when navigating through turns at higher speeds, it isn’t excessive or unsettling. The engineering team has optimized the vehicle to offer controlled body dynamics, allowing for spirited driving without losing confidence. The tires are crafted to supply a reassuring grip, ensuring that the car holds its line through curves and bends.

Comparative Analysis

In the world of luxury SUVs, the Lamborghini Urus and Buick Envista represent two distinct approaches to design and performance. The Urus is unapologetically extravagant and sporty, combining Lamborghini’s trademark aggressive aesthetics with high-end performance features such as minimal body lean, four-wheel steering, and massive grip levels. Built on the shared MLB Evo platform, it maintains a unique identity that melds sports car performance with the practicality of an SUV.

In contrast, the Buick Envista emerges as a more economical and elegantly engineered option. Inspired by the Wildcat Concept, the Envista’s exterior design is contemporary and attractive, with choices in wheel sizes and a focus on a smooth and gentle ride, quick steering, and a strong braking system. The Envista’s design caters to both style and driving needs, making it a compelling choice for those seeking comfort and flair.

While the Urus pushes the boundaries of what an SUV can achieve in terms of handling and cornering, with technologies like active anti-roll bars and quick steering response, the Envista’s strength lies in its balanced performance and aesthetics. The Urus might appeal more to those seeking an adrenaline-pumping drive akin to a sports car. At the same time, Envista targets a market that appreciates a comfortable ride without compromising on style or modern features.

Both vehicles offer something unique in their design philosophy and engineering, reflecting the rich heritage of their respective brands, making the choice between them a matter of individual preference and values. Whether it’s the Urus’s extraordinary fusion of muscle and luxury or the Envista’s blend of comfort and modernity, each represents a noteworthy contribution to the evolving landscape of the automotive world.

Consumer Perspective

Urus Pros:

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  • Performance: The Lamborghini Urus boasts a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine, delivering an impressive 641 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque. It’s capable of accelerating from 0-60 mph in just 3.6 seconds, offering supercar-level performance in an SUV package.
  • Design and Luxury: As with other Lamborghini models, the Urus sports a unique and aggressive design that sets it apart from other vehicles on the road. Inside, the cabin is outfitted with high-quality materials, cutting-edge technology, and plenty of customization options, ensuring a luxurious experience.
  • Versatility: Unlike traditional Lamborghini models, the Urus offers a more practical side with seating for five and reasonable cargo space. It features adaptive air suspension and selectable drive modes, allowing for a comfortable ride on various terrains, from city streets to off-road paths.

Urus Cons:

  • Price: With a starting price well above $200,000, the Lamborghini Urus is out of reach for many consumers. The price can rise even higher with optional features and customizations, making it one of the most expensive SUVs on the market.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Performance comes at the cost of fuel efficiency. The Urus’s powerful engine consumes fuel at a rate that’s much higher than the average SUV. If fuel economy is a concern, the Urus may not be the best choice.
  • Practicality Concerns: While the Urus offers more space and versatility than other Lamborghini models, it still falls short of many other luxury SUVs in terms of practicality. Rear seat space might be tight for taller passengers, and cargo space, although decent for a performance vehicle, may not meet the needs of those looking for a truly functional family SUV.

Buick Envista Pros

2024 buick envista st 101

  • Premium and aggressive appearance: The Buick Envista may be a budget offering from the brand, but it surely offers a premium appearance.
  • Well-controlled Ride: The ride quality of the Envista is pretty decent compared to some of its closest rivals
  • Surprisingly low price tag: The Envista is a budget offering from the brand with a starting price of $23,495

Buick Envista Cons

  • Poky acceleration: The smaller engine makes the Envista’s acceleration much slow compared to its rival here
  • unpolished cabin materials: The cabin materials feel less premium, and there are many uneven surfaces and unpolished cabin materials inside.
  • No all-wheel drive option: Unlike the Urus, the Envista does not offer an all-wheel drive.

Practical Considerations

For those consumers weighing the choice between the Lamborghini Urus and the Buick Envista, a careful evaluation of practical aspects is essential. Both models present unique challenges:

  • Maintenance Costs: The Urus may require specialized tools and expertise, which can make its upkeep potentially more expensive in comparison to the Envista.
  • Insurance: The cost of owning the Lamborghini Urus may be steep, as insurance premiums could be higher, and specific coverage may be necessary.
  • Usage Considerations: The raw character of the Lamborghini Urus might make it more appropriate for occasional driving. In contrast, Buick Envista’s lower maintenance requirements and suitability for daily use might permit more frequent driving.

Buick Envista Vs Lamborghini Urus Conclusion

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The comparison between the Lamborghini Urus vs Buick Envista illustrates a fascinating contrast between the two approaches to the luxury SUV market.

The Lamborghini Urus represents the pinnacle of performance, design, and extravagance in the SUV world. With its aggressive styling, high-performance engine, and sophisticated technology, the Urus appeals to those who seek a thrilling driving experience akin to a sports car yet in a more practical and versatile package.

On the other hand, the Buick Envista stands as an economically sensible choice, offering a well-balanced blend of comfort, style, and practicality. It may lack the raw power and opulence of the Urus, but it delivers a smooth ride, an appealing design, and a more accessible price point.

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In conclusion, the decision between these two vehicles will likely hinge on individual preferences, needs, and budget. The Urus is the choice for those who desire an uncompromising performance SUV with a striking design, while the Envista is suited for those looking for a comfortable and reasonably priced luxury crossover.

For the performance enthusiast who seeks the thrill of a sports car in an SUV form, the Urus may justify its substantial price tag. In contrast, the Envista provides a more balanced and accessible option for those who prioritize comfort, practicality, and value. The rich contrast between these two models underscores the diversity and innovation within the automotive industry, showcasing how different brands cater to various segments of the market. Whether it’s the bold and unapologetically luxurious Urus or the elegant and budget-friendly Envista, both vehicles contribute to the evolving landscape of the luxury SUV world.

Buick Envista vs Lamborghini Urus Image Gallery

2024 buick envista st 101
front 3/4 view of the 2024 buick envista st in sunrise red metallic. Preproduction model shown. Actual production model may vary. Available in summer 2023.
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2024 buick envista st interior featuring a standard ultrawide infotainment display. Preproduction model shown. Actual production model may vary. Arriving summer 2023.
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rear 3/4 view of the 2024 buick envista st in cinnabar metallic. Preproduction model shown. Actual production model may vary. Arriving summer 2023.
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front 3/4 view of the 2024 buick envista st in cinnabar metallic. Preproduction model shown. Actual production model may vary. Arriving summer 2023.
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rear 3/4 view of the 2024 buick envista st in cinnabar metallic. Preproduction model shown. Actual production model may vary. Arriving summer 2023.
2024 buick envista st 110
front 3/4 view of the 2024 buick envista st in cinnabar metallic. Preproduction model shown. Actual production model may vary. Arriving summer 2023.
2024 buick envista avenir 012
front 3/4 view of the 2024 buick envista avenir in moonstone gray metallic. Preproduction model shown. Actual production model may vary. Arriving summer 2023.

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