Could This Restomod Diablo Bring Electrification To V12 Classics?

Teaser are promissing but will there be more than just cosmetic mods on this one?

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Eccentric Cars is announcing a new RestoMod category: Lamborghini! After Singer massive success rest-modding the Porsche 911 for rich VIPs, it only make sense for someone to take on the old Italian classic into the Modern Era. The small Italian company decided to pick the mighty Diablo as their chassis of choice. Only a few teaser images are circulating online so far and everybody is already either crying for murder or applauding the effort.

While Eccentrica Cars stay mute on the restomod details, the restomod aims to usher the iconic but aging design and technology into modern times using the finest and most expensive engineering and materials, without any price consideration. Expect pricing to easily reach above a million dollar, considering a used Diablo will sell between $500k to 800k. So we are talking a high-end here!

Modernizing the Classic Diablo

The signature pop-up headlight might give away for modern-day led setup
the signature pop-up headlight might give away for modern-day led setup

The restomod will feature redesigned elements such as more pronounced front fenders, spotlighting the narrow middle section. The signature pop-up headlights from the original Diablo will give way to integrated LED units for enhanced safety and modern appeal. Further enhancements will likely follow, including a more modern touch to Diablo’s well-known bulbous rear fascia.

Hints at under-the-skin modifications indicate that the restomod might address the original Diablo’s reputation for unstable handling at the limit. Eccentric might widen the track to enhance traction and correct the infamous understeer associated with the old V12 Lambo.

Modernizing the old V12+

The original 12-cylinder engine may receive a power boost and acquire components designed for spirited driving. Although the odds of including a modern Lamborghini engine are slim, the focus is likely on enhancing the classic engine with top-notch upgrades. These could include cool, lightweight forged pistons or even titanium and other exotic components in the engine rebuild.

In the cabin, you’ll find a blend of luxury and technology. The restomod will likely include a modernized climate control system, a revamped infotainment system, and enhanced leather upholstery.

Thinking of an EV Drivetrain Kit?

Eccentrica cars
image source: eccentrica cars

Seeing the restomod outplay Lamborghini with a fully electric drivetrain for the Diablo would be a thrill. They could offer a complete kit with a swappable electric drivetrain for any V12 Lamborghini from that era. As Lamborghini advances their electrification game, watching a private collector and avid Lamborghini fan stay ahead of the company itself would be interesting.

Pricing Expectations

Since only 2,884 Diablos were made, the restomod production will undoubtedly be a limited venture. Estimates suggest that only a few of these vehicles will be manufactured, with prices likely skyrocketing past the million-dollar mark.

Now if we compare that to the original prices, at its launch, the Diablo was priced at around USD 240,000 (approximately), while a used Diablo today costs between $275,000 to $999,000, depending on the condition. The choice between opting for a restomod or buying a wrecked Diablo to rebuild from scratch to keep costs in check is up to each individual. However, rebuilding a classic can be challenging, especially with the scarcity of parts.

Patience it is coming soon

We tried to brighten the teaser but we got busted
we tried to brighten the teaser but we got busted

The restomod project will unveil on July 6th, bound to draw admiration and critique. While the updated Diablo will undoubtedly be cool and awesome, some may question the need to modify a classic. This unveiling is timely as Lamborghini focuses on the future, as seen with the new Revuelto launch and the commemoration of the Countach’s 50th anniversary with the LPI 800-4. This leaves the restomod as the only chance for Lambo loyalists to own a modernized Diablo.

No Emblems?

If this is a one-off car, the owner may be able to retain the cool raging bull emblems and other Lamborghini badges. But if this becomes a business, expect Lamborghini to quickly ask Eccentrica to remove all emblems and badges from the car or face legal complications. That is the reason why the Singer “911” doesn’t have a Porsche badge and I don’t even think they call it a 911.

A Note on Emanuel Colombini

Emanuel Colombini, a Lamborghini collector and interior design entrepreneur based in Milan, leads this project in collaboration with Carlo Borromeo, owner of the Borromeo & De Silva design firm. Having worked on notable projects like Nardone Automotive’s Porsche 928 and Automobili Amos’ Lancia Delta, Borromeo brings high expectations to the Diablo restomod.

The Popular 911 Singer and Restomods

“Restomod,” merging “restoration” and “modification,” denotes the act of restoring or modifying classic or vintage cars to enhance performance, handling, comfort, and overall functionality, yet keeping their original aesthetics and character intact. The intention behind creating restomod vehicles is to marry the classic car design and nostalgia with modern technology, engineering, and components, with the goal of improving the usability and driving experience of vintage vehicles.

Singer Vehicle Design and Williams Advanced Engineering joined forces in one popular restomod project, culminating in a radically reimagined Porsche 911. They presented this high-performance version of the classic air-cooled 911 at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Named the DLS, this masterpiece boasted a carbon fiber body optimized for aerodynamics and weight reduction and a naturally aspirated, air-cooled 4.0-liter flat-six engine that Williams Advanced Engineering developed. The production of this car was exclusive, reserved for just 75 customers, though they didn’t disclose the price. Porsche, however, asked Singer Vehicle Design to remove the Porsche badges from their modified cars. It’s still unknown whether the forthcoming Lamborghini Diablo restomod will encounter a similar requirement.

Diablo History

From 1990 to 2001, the Lamborghini Diablo, an emblem of automotive perfection and power, held the throne. The Sant’Agata factory produced a total of 2,884 units throughout its 11-year production run, each equipped with a potent V12 engine, ranging from 485 hp (362 kW / 492 PS) to 595 hp (444 kW / 603 PS) in the Diablo GTR trim, a track-focused variant.