Rapper Cris MJ Shocking Arrest Caught In Video Driving His Lamborghini Urus

Police were shocked when they searched the vehicle

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Riding the waves of global musical acclaim, the urban singer Cris MJ, also known as Cristopher Álvarez García, faced an unexpected tumult this Tuesday (5th September). The epicenter of the drama? Santiago’s buzzing streets and a luxurious Lamborghini Urus. As the artist cruised, officers were alerted by the unmistakable aroma of marijuana emanating from his vehicle.

According to the sources, upon pulling over the eye-catching vehicle, Carabineros personnel found not just Cris MJ but three other individuals with a shady past of criminal records. The situation escalated when a search revealed cannabis and syrups inside the car.

A Meteoric Rise Amidst Controversies

Tracing his roots back to the peaceful streets of La Serena, Cris MJ began dropping his musical gems in 2019. His hit ‘Una noche en Medellín’ rocketed to Spotify’s global Top 50 in 2022, marking his position in the music industry. However, the shadows of past controversies, including displaying a weapon on a live broadcast, have often haunted him.

The recent brush with the law led to tangible repercussions for the singer. Mandated by the 7th Guarantee Court of Santiago, he now faces a hefty $3 million fee should he wish to leave Chile for international concerts.

Bound by national roots, a monthly signature is now a requirement for the rapper. But the twists didn’t end there. Post-release, Cris MJ voiced accusations of mistreatment against the Carabineros. Echoing his sentiments, his lawyer pointed out the excessive force during his arrest, highlighting the overly tightened handcuffs.

What’s the buzz with his Lamborghini Urus?

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the lamborghini urus showcased here for illustration purposes only

Although the arrest captured headlines, it was the Lamborghini Urus, starting at $233,995, became a focal point of the story. Described as the “first super sports utility vehicle” equipped with a “Lamborghini twin-turbocharged 4-litre V8 engine”, this high-end car was found lacking in up-to-date documentation.

Cris MJ’s unexpected run-in with the law has shone a spotlight on him, albeit for reasons distant from his musical endeavors. As the music world watches closely, fans hope the rapper’s journey redirects from legal mazes to chart-topping tracks.