What You Should Know About Czinger’s Upcoming Powerful 1233 Bhp Lamborghini Urus SUV Rival!

Czinger's strategic Shift from Sleek Sedan Ambitions to a Super-SUV Showstopper

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After the stunning reveal of the Czinger 21C at the inaugural Concours on Savile Row event in the UK, the Los Angeles-based automaker dropped hints of expanding its lineup with two new models. Originally, whispers in the automotive circles were all about a two-door sedan-like model. However, as the narrative is shifting, the world might witness Czinger going the SUV route, echoing the might and prowess of the iconic Lamborghini Urus.

In a candid chat with Autocar, Co-founder Kevin Czinger stirred the speculation pot further. “There are a couple of vehicle models in the pipeline, and so the next vehicle that we do may or may not be the Hyper GT. We have one alternative vehicle we’re taking a hard look at right now,” he remarked. His mention of “off-road-on-road” vehicles raised eyebrows, and the hint towards a high-horsepower SUV only fanned the flames of anticipation.

Here’s what we’ve learned about Czinger’s upcoming SUV, which is set to compete with the Lamborghini Urus PHEV.

What’s under the hood of this speculated SUV?

If Czinger’s past creations are any indicators, it could house a derivative of the powertrain from their 21C and Hyper GT concepts. The potential of this SUV featuring one of the highest-revving engines ever, a jaw-dropping 11,000 rpm, has enthusiasts on the edge of their seats.

Considering the 21C’s staggering 1,250 horsepower, which powers it from 0-60 mph in a lightning-fast 1.9 seconds, the SUV’s performance expectations are astronomical. Although the naturally heavier and bulkier SUV design may not mirror these exact figures, adrenaline junkies can still expect a riveting ride.

The Upcoming Czinger SUV’s Unique Design Philosophy

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While some car lovers have expressed mild dismay over another automaker likely joining the SUV bandwagon, given the elegance suggested by the Hyper GT renders, the overarching sentiment remains optimistic.

The Automaker aims to strike a balance. Whatever rolls out from their stables will unmistakably bear the company’s DNA.

“We are using the design language of the 21C, so people will see it as a Czinger vehicle,” Kevin Czinger of Czinger Vehicles stated confidently. He further emphasized the SUV’s spacious interior, ensuring “a lot of leg and head room” for passengers.

Exclusivity with a Price Tag

The Los Angeles-based carmaker is not mass-producing this beast. With only 1,000 units slated for production, exclusivity is a given. Potential buyers should brace for a hefty price tag, expected to float in the $750,000 to $1 million ballpark.

The automotive world watches closely. As Czinger gears up to redefine luxury motoring standards with its new venture, we promise to keep you updated with every development as it unfolds.