Incredibly rare Aventador Ultimae wreckage selling for $220k at auction

An amazing youtubeer opportunity to own the last V12 only powered Lamborghini and make a few bucks

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Copart auction website recently listed a lightly damaged 2022 Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae for sale and it quickly sold for a mere $221,000—a hefty sum for a damaged car but a bargain if you understand the car’s intrinsic value. The Aventador Ultimae sold for $498,258 when new in 2022 and Lamborghini only made 350 of these last-ever V12-only powered cars.

The car bears the scars of damage “ALL OVER,” according to Copart. The rear end almost vanished, and the front right profile also sustained damage. Upon close inspection, you’ll find the rear wheels bereft of tires, with one appearing severely bent. But not all is lost considering the airbags didn’t deploy. So this may have been a relatively slow but unfortunate curb rash and chances are the frame is intact. Let’s see if this comes up on a youtube channel near you soon.

Terrifying Repair Bill or Tuning Opportunity?

lamborghini ultimaea crashed for sale at copart

The sight of such a mighty car, boasting a V12 engine capable of 769 horsepower, in this pitiful state is disheartening. But considering the resale value of the car once fixed, it is certainly worth considering the repair. Procuring genuine Lambo parts may be a challenge but this would make a perfect donor for a tuning project like a Mansory. If you are going to pull body parts out of a Lamborgini Aventador, might as well do it on a damaged car.

Good News – Pristine Interior

the lamborghini ultimae interior looks intact

The cabin’s instrument cluster signals a parking brake failure, yet the interior, surprisingly, appears intact, and the airbags didn’t deploy so that’s good news. High-speed impact should have triggered the airbags and are most likely to bend the frame of other majorly expensive components.

It is always nerve-wracking to buy these crashed cars when a few photos and an explanation of the crash’s exact circumstance would help a great deal to decide if these wrecked are good donors for repair or just a pile of spare parts only good to resale on eBay!

Is it worth it?

The Aventador Ultimate carried a price tag of nearly half a million dollars when new. But State Farm Insurance, the seller, offered a unique opportunity to own a distinct piece of automotive history at a reasonable price, regardless of its current condition.

This damaged specimen quickly attracted a bid of $221,000, stirring various emotions among onlookers. Though the auction has ended and the highest bidder has claimed the car, Copart has not disclosed the final selling price. However, the buyer may have snagged the cheapest Aventador Ultimate ever, albeit with many potential issues and uncertainties.

Repairing A Lambo Cheaper than a BMW? YES!

Once repaired, even with a salvage title, the car should easily resale for above $350,000 if the rebuild is properly documented. Also considering the very expensive price of labor to fix any car, it is usually a good idea to pick a project that is at least worth your time.  Putting 1,000 hours on an Ultimae will certainly be a lot smarter than repairing an old M3. That’s why you see all these Youtube repairing very expensive cars. They are actually taking a lot less financial risks than repairing cheap cars. At least the price of their time is far more likely to be compensated handsomely than dumping hours on a cheap rebuild. Just make sure you have enough cash to see it through.

lamborghini only produced 350 aventador ultimae coupes in total

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