Extreme Car Drift

Skid the wheels of the legendary RX7 car and rule the streets with your drifting skills!


Get ready to drive in a huge detailed city where there are no rules for you to obey, drift as much as you can, and break all your speed limits in this 3D Car Driving Game. Drive a stunning RX7 drift car through the streets of Ocean City and dodge various realistic traffic cars across the map. Customize your RX7 with stunning colors and completely personalize it with various customization options for your car. Show your driving skills with two car modes – SIMULATOR and DRIFT and practice yourself to become racing king of the city. Get the most out of your car with the replenishing NITRO system and pass traffic cars slowing you down. Are you ready to show your drifting skills? Prove yourself with Extreme Car Drift!

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Our Take On The Game!

Extreme Car Drift is a really cool RX7 car simulator where you get to drive a very realistic 3D model of the car. The customizations for the car are really good and you get to totally personalize it to your own liking. The physics are alright and might be difficult to master due to the traffic cars in the game. However, the game is not optimized to run on low or mid-tier specs PC, so we recommend changing the QUALITY settings to LOW if the game lags for you. That being said if you’re a fan of driving a gorgeous car across a huge city during the night then this is the game for you.

Looking for a more advanced open-world drifting game with awesome drift physics? Check out TopSpeed Racing 3D where you get to explore a huge map consisting of an airport, dockyards, a stunning city, and offroad mountains. Despite the big map, this game is filled with missions/jumps for you to complete, and there are tons of cars for you to unlock in this game too. The driving physics are easy to control and look more dramatic and action-packed as compared to Extreme Car Drift. The customization system is equally good in both games, however there are more decal/sticker options available in TopSpeed Racing 3D. There’s also a fantastic Lamborghini Aventador in TopSpeed Racing 3D that you get to drive as your first car.

How to play and get started with Extreme Car Drift?


  • W, A, S, D/Arrow Keys: Drive/Steer/Brake
  • F: Nitro


Extreme Car Drift is an RX7 driving simulator and there is no specific objective for you to achieve in this game, however, you can make tons of cash by showing your drifting skills across the map. You can use that money to customize your RX7 and personalize it to your liking as much as possible.

Starting the game!

  • When you start the game for the first time, it pops up a name dialog box. Simply fill in your username in the NICKNAME tab and hit log in. (marked by the arrows)

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  • After you click on login, you spawn in the main menu screen of the game.

Level Selection

  • Click on the ’PLAY NOW’ button at the BOTTOM RIGHT of the screen to start the game session. (marked by red arrow)

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Car Customization

  • You can access all the car customization options for your car by clicking on the GARAGE button at the BOTTOM RIGHT of the screen. (marked by red arrow)
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  • All the customization options are available at the BOTTOM CENTER of the screen, click on any to start customizing that specific part of your car. (marked by red arrow)
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  • (SAME FOR ALL OPTIONS) You can then select any color of your choice to apply to your car part customization option to apply to your car. (marked by the blue arrow)
  • Then, hit the BUY button to buy that customization option for your car. (marked by red arrow)
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Game Navigation

  • Click on either the DRIFT or SIMULATION button at the MID LEFT of the screen to change the car mode in the game. (marked by the blue arrow)

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That’s all there is to it! You’re all set to drift across the huge city in your RX7 and get those numbers up in no time.


Can you change the car behavior in this game?

No, the car behavior remains the same and there are no upgrades for you to apply to your car.

Is there NITRO in this game?

Yes! This game has nitro available for the RX7.

Are there any Lamborghinis in this game?

No, this game is strictly an RX7 Drift Simulator. However, you can check out Miami Super Drive to drift with stunning Lamborghinis across a Vice City map.

Where can I find the best Car Games online?

You can check out our Ultimate Online Car Games List that features the best and only worth-playing car games handpicked from the depths of gaming portals. This list is constantly updated with more awesome car games, whether you’re looking for truck games, parking games or even motorbike games, this list got you covered.

Are there any cheat codes for Extreme Car Drift?

No, we couldn’t find any relevant cheat codes for this game. However, you can watch a rewarded video ad to get 500 coins in the game.

Which is the best car drift game on the web?

The best car drift game is considered to be Drift Hunters by the player community. With the huge car collection and awesome drifting physics, you can’t go wrong with this awesome title.

Who made this Extreme Car Drift?

The game is developed by Inspector Studios. This is their first game on LamboCars.com

How to save data in this game?

The game data is saved in the browser cache. Make sure you don’t delete the browser cache or data. Otherwise, You can lose all the game progress in the process.



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