This Is The World’s Only 1 of 1 Full Carbon Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

Priced between $5-11 million, the car has already been acquired by a new owner.

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In the world of supercars, Lamborghini stands tall as the embodiment of Italian elegance, precision, and raw power. Among its masterpieces, the Veneno Roadster, with only nine ever crafted, is an icon of luxury and rarity.

Consider the excitement when the only all-carbon Veneno Roadster in the world becomes available for purchase. F1rst Motors in Dubai has presented this magnificent vehicle, captivating car aficionados and collectors globally. Even though the car has now found a new owner, we’re still eager to share with you its remarkable features and details.

Design Beyond Dreams

The Veneno Roadster is undeniably a marvel of design. This piece stands apart even among its limited peers with its matte carbon fiber body panels. Exposed carbon fiber imparts a stealthy yet sophisticated look, only heightened by the bold red accents. Whether it’s the stripes gracing the front fascia, the side skirts, the dramatic rear wing, or the rear diffuser, each detail screams exclusivity.

The striking aesthetic is further accentuated by the deep black wheels and red brake calipers, which set a new benchmark in supercar design.

Step inside this magnificent beast and a symphony of red and black welcomes you. The seats, enveloped in top-tier leather, follow this dual-tone theme seamlessly. The theme is consistently carried to the transmission tunnel, dashboard, and door panels, creating a visual treat for the occupants. But it doesn’t stop there.

The matte carbon fiber elements are beautifully juxtaposed with black Alcantara across the upper part of the dashboard. A tribute to its Italian origin switches on the center console sport the colors of the Italian flag, adding to the car’s unique character.

Veneno Roadster’s Power Commands Respect

Lamborghini veneno roadster showcased here
the full carbon veneno roadster

The Veneno Roadster isn’t just about looks. The formidable 6.5-liter naturally-aspirated V12 engine is at its heart, tuned to unleash a jaw-dropping 750 hp. Those familiar with Lamborghini might recall that this model was launched during the brand’s 50th anniversary, marking half a century of automotive excellence. It’s a car that rides fast and makes an impression so profound that even limited-run successors like the Centenario and Sian FKP 37 seem slightly overshadowed.

The 1 of 1 Carbon Veneno Roadster is A Collector’s Dream


The Roadster had graced the roads for a mere 52 miles (85 km). Its current mileage remains a topic of curiosity. Regardless of the exact number, its pristine condition and unmatched rarity justify its staggering price tag that dances in the range of $5 to $11 million.

For the lucky collector who gets to call it their own, they won’t just own a supercar; they’ll possess a piece of automotive history.

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