Lamborghini Hoverboard Review

Thanks to its solid rubber tires, this hoverboard is constructed to handle any type of terrain

Lamborghini hoverboard review

The Lamborghini Hoverboard is a cutting-edge product that marries the aesthetics and performance one would expect from the Lamborghini brand, now applied to the realm of two-wheeled hoverboards. Produced by TwoDots and certified by Lamborghini, this hoverboard is making waves in the market.

Lamborghini Hoverboard Design

Two Dots has embarked on an ambitious endeavor by mirroring the design of Lamborghini cars in their hoverboard models. This can be seen in aspects such as the alloy wheel, LED lights, and footpad, all of which draw inspiration from Lamborghini’s aesthetic.

A range of premium colors has been introduced, including matte black, violet, flashy gold, and bright green or blue. These options cater to various style preferences and are directly influenced by the Lamborghini Huracan’s palette. The bright LED lights are a distinctive feature, presenting a characteristic look that is shared with Lamborghini vehicles, although custom-designed hoverboards might offer other unique options.

One of the notable features of these hoverboards is the solid rubber tires and chassis. They contribute to an enhanced user experience and are designed to handle different terrains. Whether in snow, on the road, or off-road sites, the build quality ensures consistency in traction and stopping power without compromising the design’s integrity.

Lamborghini hoverboard review

Compared to standard hoverboards that usually have 6” wheels, the Lambo hoverboard is equipped with 8.5” alloy wheels. This design allows for better handling of cracks and irregularities on the road, resulting in a smoother ride on various surfaces.

The intelligent body sensors embedded within the board are an innovative addition. They calculate the natural balance of the rider and make necessary adjustments during turns at higher speeds, enhancing stability.

The Lamborghini hoverboard from Two Dots has been designed with more foot space, allowing it to accommodate a person weighing up to 264 lbs. Along with this, the unibody sensors, coupled with the steel frame, not only balance the person on the scooter but add to the hoverboard’s safety and durability. This contributes to the sleek appearance of the Lambo hoverboard and allows for smoother acceleration, turning, and stopping, closely reflecting the experience of riding a Lamborghini vehicle.

Lamborghini Hoverboard Performance

The Lambo hoverboards present a noteworthy achievement in uniting power, ease of use, and self-balance, an uncommon feat in the hoverboard industry.

Whether traversing smooth roads, grass with uneven gravel, challenging off-road terrain, or even snow, the Lambo hoverboard maintains consistent performance. The 8.5” tires contribute to this, ensuring that the ride remains smooth across various surfaces.

A personal highlight in this design is the implementation of solid, non-slippery pressure pads. These pads maintain grip, reducing the chances of slipping even when encountering bumps on the road. This feature enhances control and minimizes the risk of falling off the electric scooter. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that the Lamborghini hoverboard can handle uphill terrain without significantly taxing the battery.

App integration adds a layer of customization, allowing riders to tailor the performance to their liking before each ride. This includes the ability to adjust the maximum speed and set other preferences as needed.

The charging time of the hoverboard is noteworthy, taking 2-3 hours to reach a full charge. Though this might be seen as a longer charging time, a full charge provides a riding range of 10-12 miles, which could be viewed as a reasonable trade-off depending on individual needs and expectations. This longer charging time stands as one of the few considerations in terms of the Lambo hoverboard’s performance.

Lamborghini Hoverboard Quality

The Lambo hoverboard distinguishes itself in the market with its metallic structure and robust build quality. This electric scooter is characterized by a sturdy and stylish design that sets it apart on the roads, even among other hoverboard enthusiasts. But its aesthetic appeal is just one facet of what the Lamborghini hoverboards have to offer.

Internally, the Lambo hoverboards are equipped with powerful Double 400w motors or Double independent gyros motors. They also boast extensive security features, wheel sensors, a solid frame, and water-resistant aspects. These, along with a 1-year warranty, testify to the hoverboard’s robustness.

Despite these appealing qualities, there is one particular consideration to be aware of: the Lambo hoverboards are not lightweight. Weighing in at 30lbs, they are not designed for easy portability. This means that if you’re planning on taking it out, it would be wise to ensure that it’s fully charged, as carrying it around may not be practical.

The use of Lithium-ion batteries adds to the hoverboard’s appeal, as it ensures that the battery’s performance will remain consistent for at least a year (300-500 cycles). Even as the battery naturally degrades over time, a replacement can easily be obtained from the Two Dots website. This offers an extended lifespan for the hoverboard without the need to invest in a completely new unit, adding another layer of value to the Lambo hoverboards.

Lamborghini hoverboard review

Lamborghini Hoverboard Features

  • Safety Certification. In response to the challenges faced by first-generation hoverboards, the Lambo hoverboard meets UL (Underwriter Laboratories) 2272 certification standards, offering reassurance in safety and reliability.
  • Additional Safety Features. Beyond standard certification, the Lamborghini off-road hoverboards incorporate nine distinctive safety measures to ensure a secure and smooth experience for all riders.
  • Battery Charging Duration. The Lambo hoverboard’s charging time provides a balance between power and convenience, with a more extended charging period that supports its strong battery and high-performance motor.
  • Riding Range Capability. The Lamborghini hoverboards stand out with their impressive single-charge range, including the ability to manage uphill rides without substantial battery depletion.
  • Adaptability to Various Users. With a design that accommodates different weight classes, the Lamborghini hoverboard’s ability to cater to both adults and children without affecting performance sets it apart.
  • Choices in Wheel Size. Offering two-wheel size options, Two Dots caters to diverse terrains and riding environments with their Lamborghini hoverboards.
  • Speed Parameters. The top speeds attainable with the Lamborghini off-road hoverboards make them a fitting choice for those needing a swift and efficient mode of transport for short distances.
  • Water Resistant Design. The Lamborghini hoverboards’ design also accounts for rainy weather conditions, featuring non-slip pressure pads and genuinely practical water resistance to increase their adaptability.

Lamborghini Hoverboard Pricing

The Lamborghini hoverboard by Two Dots offers a range of options, with the top model priced at US$ 450 and the 8.5” off-road version available for US$ 350. While there are hoverboards in the market within the US$ 100-150 range, the pricing of the Lambo hoverboard reflects its extensive set of distinctive features. Incorporating unique safety measures, a robust construction, and a design that resonates with quality, it aims to provide value that corresponds to its cost.


The Lamborghini Hoverboard represents a fusion of elegance, performance, and innovation. Its superb build quality, eye-catching design, powerful performance, and excellent features make it a standout product. Whether you’re a fan of Italian sportscars or simply looking for an exceptional hoverboard experience, the Lamborghini Hoverboard offers a top-tier choice that lives up to the name. If you are seeking fashion-forward and fun personal transportation, this hoverboard might be the ideal pick.