Lamborghini in GTA: A Comprehensive Guide to Virtual Italian Supercars

Lamborghini in the Grand Theft Auto Universe

Lamborghini in gta: a comprehensive guide to virtual italian supercars

Lamborghini, a renowned Italian automotive brand, is recognized for its high-performance luxury sports cars. The company’s emblematic designs and technical advancements have made it an essential name in the supercar industry.

The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series is a popular action-adventure video game franchise. Developed by Rockstar Games, the series has provided players with an immersive open-world experience, allowing them to engage in various missions, including driving various vehicles that bear striking resemblances to real-world cars.

In the GTA universe, Lamborghini-inspired vehicles are represented under the fictional name “Pegassi.” Pegassi vehicles imitate the designs of real-life Lamborghini cars, providing players with a virtual experience of driving these luxury cars.

This article delves into the virtual representation of Lamborghini in the GTA series. We’ll explore the specific models depicted in different GTA titles, examining the similarities, differences, and the role these virtual supercars play in the gaming experience.

Lamborghini in GTA VI and GTA Online

Pegassi toros

The Pegassi Toros, an SUV, is set to make its debut in Grand Theft Auto 6. This vehicle will also be available in GTA Online. Confirmation of the Toros’ presence in GTA 6 comes from leaked game footage unveiled on September 18, 2022. In GTA 6, the Pegassi Toros takes its design cues from real-life vehicles such as the Lamborghini Urus, Lamborghini Aventador, and Audi Q8.

Lamborghini in GTA V and GTA Online

Ignus gtaoe front​​

The Pegassi Ignus (Lamborghini Sián FKP 37): The Ignus is an embodiment of futuristic design with hybrid technology. Mimicking the Lamborghini Sián, it features angular lines, innovative headlights, and impressive aerodynamics. The performance is thrilling, making it a stand-out vehicle in GTA Online.

Infernus gtav front

The Pegassi Infernus (Lamborghini Murciélago): A true representation of Lamborghini’s bold design, the Infernus mirrors the Murciélago’s style and performance. With its aggressive appearance and balanced speed, it’s a sought-after vehicle in GTA V.

Infernusclassic gtao front

The Pegassi Infernus Classic (Lamborghini Diablo): Taking inspiration from the legendary Diablo, the Infernus Classic showcases the ’90s sportscar charm with pop-up headlights and a sharp angular design. It provides a nostalgic drive with competent performance in GTA Online.

Monroe gtav front

The Pegassi Monroe (Lamborghini Miura): Paying homage to the classic Miura, the Monroe is a delight for vintage car enthusiasts in GTA V. Its smooth curves, iconic front fascia, and mid-engine layout offer a true-to-era driving experience.

Reaper gtao front

The Pegassi Reaper (Lamborghini Huracán): The Reaper, based on the Lamborghini Huracán, showcases a sleek design with sharp edges and modern aesthetics. It offers agile handling and high performance in GTA Online, making it a favorite for speed enthusiasts.

Tempesta gtao front

The Pegassi Tempesta (Lamborghini Huracán): Similar to the Reaper, the Tempesta draws inspiration from the Huracán. It’s a versatile sports car with impressive speed and handling, contributing to an exhilarating driving experience in GTA Online.

Tezeract gtao front

The Pegassi Tezeract (Lamborghini Terzo Millennio): Emulating the futuristic Terzo Millennio, the Tezeract in GTA Online features cutting-edge design with electric propulsion. Its unique appearance and advanced technology set it apart.

Toreador gtao front

The Pegassi Toreador (Lamborghini Marzal): Inspired by the experimental Marzal, the Toreador in GTA Online offers a distinctive design with its transparent roof and unconventional six-door layout. It’s a stylish and innovative addition to the game.

Torero gtao front

The Pegassi Torero (Lamborghini Countach): The Torero channels the classic spirit of the Countach in GTA Online, with its wedge-shaped body and iconic scissor doors. Its blend of nostalgia and performance makes it a notable choice.

Toreroxo gtaoe front

The Pegassi Torero XO (Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4): An upgraded version of the Torero, the XO brings refinements and modern touches to the classic Countach design in GTA Online. It adds a layer of sophistication to the driving experience.

Toros gtao front

The Pegassi Toros (Lamborghini Urus): Representing Lamborghini’s luxury SUV, the Urus, the Toros in GTA Online combines performance with practicality. Its robust nature and luxurious interior cater to a wide range of in-game activities.

Vacca gtav front

The Pegassi Vacca (Lamborghini Gallardo): Based on the Gallardo, the Vacca in GTA V is a blend of sleek design and compelling road performance. Its agile handling and attractive profile make it a popular choice among players.

Zentorno gtav front

The Pegassi Zentorno (Lamborghini Sesto Elemento): The Zentorno takes inspiration from the race-oriented Sesto Elemento. With an aggressive design and lightweight construction in GTA V, its performance is sharp, reflecting the real-life car’s focus on speed and agility.

Lamborghini in Other GTA Titles


  • Design Based on Lamborghini Countach: The Infernus’s design is heavily inspired by the Countach, offering players a classic sports car experience.
  • Top Speed and Details: With competitive speed and unique aesthetics, it delivers a strong performance.
  • Availability in Other GTA Titles: The Infernus has appeared in other titles like San Andreas and Liberty City Stories, maintaining its allure.

The Infernus plays a vital role in various missions, reflecting its importance in the GTA series. Its value in the game goes beyond aesthetics, contributing to different gameplay strategies.


The inclusion of Lamborghini-inspired vehicles in the GTA series underlines the importance of authenticity in virtual car representation. GTA not only offers players the joy of driving these high-end cars but also subtly educates them about the characteristics that make Lamborghini a standout brand in the automotive world. From the classic Infernus to the latest models, these virtual Lamborghinis pay homage to the real-world counterparts, providing both car enthusiasts and casual gamers an engaging and thrilling experience. Whether it is the Luxury Autos Showroom in GTA Online or the Premium Deluxe Motorsport in Pillbox Hill, Los Santos, the game ensures that players have access to these symbols of speed and elegance.