Lamborghini officially Steampunk A DAL35 Tractor For Centennial

This is one out of five tractors is a contemporary reinterpretation of the 1965 Lamborghini DAL35 model.

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The journey of Ferruccio Lamborghini, a name that buzzes with a potent aura of luxury, began modestly with the construction of tractors and agricultural tools. His frustration with the quality of his Ferraris drove him to build his renowned supercar brand. However, on the centennial of Ferruccio’s birth, Lamborghini circled back to its genesis with a unique invention – a contemporary rendition of the Lamborghini tractor. The Lamborghini Centenario Trattori, a steampunk-esque, resto-modded 1965 Lamborghini DAL35 tractor, is a remarkable testament to the brand’s origin and commitment to exclusivity.

The car preservation specialist Klima Lounge and Italian designer Adler Capelli crafted this engineering wonder and unveiled it at the 2017 Geneva Auto Show. Only five such examples exist, and one is currently available for purchase! With a price tag exceeding half a million USD, this tractor outprices even some of the newest supercars. But looking at the craftsmanship and details, the price seems quite reasonable for such a showpiece. Perfect fit to display in your vineyard tasting showroom!

Reflecting on the retro design with hints of modernity

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the overall design features numerous changes and upgrades

This contemporary representation of a Lamborghini tractor embodies true artistry, boasting a striking bare metal design intended to develop a natural patina over time. They’ve lowered the tractor’s chassis, placing the driver thrillingly between the rear wheels. Removing the rear fenders and adding a second seat have transformed this machine into an unparalleled beast.

The overall design includes numerous tributes to Ferruccio Lamborghini, such as black wheels inscribed for his centennial birth celebration, lending a personal flair to this exceptional creation. A redesigned cooling system at the front, six straight exhaust pipes, a refreshed instrument panel with period gauges, and even a unique ashtray above the electrical fuses contribute to the tractor’s 1960s appeal.

Return of the diesel powertrain

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the diesel engine drives the rear wheels

While the 2.2-liter three-cylinder diesel engine may not pack the same punch as the 770bhp V12 from the Centenario supercars, it still powers the rear wheels through a manual gearbox. With 311 miles on the odometer, this tractor is not merely a stationary piece of art but a functional and roaring homage to Lamborghini’s history.

Looks good but costs a fortune

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the price of this tractor exceeds half a million us dollars

Surprisingly, this sculptural tractor comes with a high price. At 480,000 Swiss Francs ($537,433), it is a luxury that out costs the newest Lamborghini Revuelto. Nevertheless, its scarcity and historical significance provide a value that is difficult to measure.

You could opt for a cheaper, modern Lamborghini tractor, but it wouldn’t possess the allure of the Centenario Trattori. For the discerning Lamborghini connoisseur, particularly those who already own a Centenario supercar, this moving piece of art represents an investment of money, history, nostalgia, and passion. If you are interested, you can always contact Cartech Autotechnik AG Chur, a car dealership in Switzerland where it is currently being offered for sale.

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