How The Lamborghini Revuelto Introduces A New Era of Aerodynamic Excellence

Unraveling the Aerodynamic Mastery of the Revuelto

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Lamborghini, a marque synonymous with unparalleled design and performance, has once again surpassed expectations with the unveiling of the Revuelto. Lamborghini’s design ethos, deeply rooted in over sixty years of innovative and future-oriented creativity, has found a new expression in this latest masterpiece. At the heart of Lamborghini’s design philosophy lies a commitment to performance, where aerodynamics plays a pivotal role.

The recently released video, “Beyond Design: Mastering the Air,” offers a deep dive into the symbiotic relationship between Lamborghini’s visionary design and cutting-edge aerodynamics. Mitja Borkert, the Design Director, alongside Ugo Riccio, the Coordinator of Aerodynamics, Aero Acoustics, and Vehicle Thermal Management, discuss the fusion of personal inspiration and Lamborghini’s core values that culminate in the creation of the Revuelto.

Innovative Aerodynamics in Design

Ugo Riccio highlights the Lamborghini Revuelto as an integrated masterpiece of design and aerodynamics. From how it interacts with air at every angle to the functionality of its components like door handles and roof design, the Revuelto is a marvel of engineering. Notably, the car’s roof doesn’t just maximize cabin space; its center shape is optimized for airflow, complementing the rear wing’s three adjustable positions that enhance efficiency, speed, handling, and downforce. According to Riccio, each aspect of the Revuelto is a careful balance between form and performance.

The Design Director’s Vision

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Mitja Borkert’s approach to design is eclectic and forward-thinking. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources like music, art, and memorable vehicles, Borkert emphasizes the importance of looking beyond the present to shape the future. The Revuelto, according to Borkert, is a physical manifestation of this philosophy, exemplifying a rhythmic and connected design where each element harmoniously leads to the next, culminating in a cohesive and singular form.

Aerodynamics: The Core of Lamborghini Revuelto’s Essence

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Lamborghini Revuelto’s design isn’t just about aesthetic appeal; it embodies its aerodynamic principles. Each line, surface, and shape of the Revuelto has been meticulously crafted, balancing muscularity and tautness with softer, more human elements that enhance airflow. For Lamborghini, the synergy between design and aerodynamics isn’t just a practice; it’s a fundamental belief.

After his first encounter with the Revuelto, Renowned test driver Andrea Caldarelli described it as ‘an exhilarating blend of raw power and excellent drivability, a true testament to Lamborghini’s vision of the future of supercars.’

While it shares the DNA of its forebears, the Revuelto sets itself apart. Compared to the Aventador’s bold assertion, the Revuelto promises something more intuitive, dynamic, and alive. It’s not just about being faster; it’s about redefining the experience of speed itself.

Team Collaboration

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The creation of the Revuelto is a testament to the collaborative spirit between Lamborghini’s design and R&D teams. Led by Borkert, the Centro Stile comprises over 20 individuals, while the aerodynamics team, under Ugo Riccio, consists of 7 dedicated engineers. Together, these teams challenge, test, and deliver innovations under the guidance of Rouven Mohr, Lamborghini’s Chief Technical Officer.

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