Listen to the 2024 Lamborghini SC63 LMDh Hypercar’s V8 Twin-Turbo Engine Exhaust for the First Time

The V8 equipped with large twin turbochargers offers a distinct auditory sensation compared to both the Urus and the Huracan.

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Lamborghini’s audacious entry into the top tier of sportscar racing is a long-awaited milestone for fans and competitors. The 2024 Lamborghini SC63 LMDh Hypercar only made its world debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (FOS) last month, but the marque isn’t resting on its laurels. Here’s everything you need to know about this remarkable vehicle and its recent appearances on the racetrack.

The Lamborghini SC63’s unveiling at Goodwood marks a new era for a company renowned for its achievements in GT racing with models like the Huracán. However, the SC63’s creation represents the brand’s first foray into top-level sportscar racing and Le Mans, setting it apart from its predecessors.

Testing and Development

Fresh off its debut, the SC63 underwent its initial shakedown at Italy’s Vallelunga racetrack, followed by a two-day test at Imola. Former Formula One drivers like Daniil Kvyat and other Lamborghini Squadra Corse drivers were seen behind the wheel, dialing the car’s various settings and extracting speed. Further tests at Paul Ricard and Spa-Francorchamps are scheduled throughout August.

The SC63 is proving to be an aggressive beast on the track. Videos from Imola have revealed a bold driving experience, with a firm reminder that this car is rear-wheel drive. The black testing livery will soon give way to the factory Scuadra Corse’s lurid green, reflecting Lamborghini’s bold and iconic style.

Engine and Exhaust Note

Lamborghini sc63 lmdh hypercar spotted
the hypercar was spotted testing at imola circuit in italy

While the well-loved V10 engine of the Huracán is known for its distinctive roar, the SC63’s V8 engine, fitted with massive turbos, provides a different auditory experience. Designed in line with LMDh regulations for Hypercar class racing, the twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V-8 developed in-house delivers a less aggressive but pleasant noise.

Partnerships and Technical Specifications

Lamborghini has joined forces with the Italian racing team Iron Lynx for its LMDh program, marking a fresh collaboration. Complying with LMDh regulations, the SC63 also features a hybrid powertrain and control components such as an Xtrac transmission, battery, and motor-generator unit.

The constructors can tailor the gear ratios, differential slip, and other elements like the internal combustion component, providing a unique blend of performance and personality. Lamborghini also chose a chassis from Ligier, working closely with them on specifications like push-rod front suspension and overall weight distribution.

The Road to Daytona

Lamborghini sc63 lmdh hypercar spotted
the hypercar will make its official debut next year

With the 2024 24 Hours of Daytona scheduled as the SC63’s maiden race, Lamborghini has just five months to fine-tune this promising vehicle. It’s not just the fans who are excited about this; the competition in the premier classes of the IMSA SportsCar Championship and FIA World Endurance Championship is heating up.

The Lamborghini SC63 LMDh Hypercar’s V8 Twin-Turbo Engine has already captured the attention and excitement of enthusiasts and the racing community alike. Its distinctive design, collaborative efforts, and intensive testing herald a new chapter for Lamborghini. As it prepares for Daytona, all eyes are on this Hypercar, waiting to see it unleash its power on the world’s most prestigious racetracks.

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