Bold or Bonkers? The Lamborghini Urus 6X6 Built for Doomsday Enthusiasts

We are still uncertain whether it is a genuine 6X6 axle or merely intended for display purposes

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The streets have grown familiar with the sight of the Lamborghini Urus. Given its ubiquity, many owners have turned to modifications to help their Urus stand out from the rest. From swanky new wheels to radical body kits and luxe interior overhauls to performance enhancements, there’s no limit to how an Urus can be tuned.

Earlier this year, Mansory unveiled what many believed to be the most outrageous modification: a coupe version named the Venatus Coupe EVO C. With only three doors, it was a curious play on the original design. The Venatus was anything but subtle, featuring a bold exterior and a vividly detailed interior. To cap it off, it had a hefty boost in power.

Yet, when we thought we’d seen every possible customization, the Lamborghini Urus 6×6 appeared on the scene. Yes, you read that correctly – a 6×6 Lamborghini Urus! (Thanks to carlifestyle). While the authenticity of its six-wheel drive mechanism remains in question, with some speculating, it’s merely for show. However, the possibility of the V8 engine driving all the extra wheels cannot be ruled out entirely.

All Style, No Substance?


The available information on this behemoth could be more extensive. However, a video showcased the vehicle in a striking red with contrasting black accents. The significant alteration is, of course, the extended rear, which offers a substantial cargo space. Some powerful extensions were also made to the roof and rear quarter panels to accommodate the extra axle.

Bafflingly, despite its seemingly rugged design, the 6×6 Urus sits atop large alloy wheels with sleek rubber. This choice emphasizes its showing-off stance rather than any genuine off-road capability.

Exploring the Intriguing Modifications of the Lamborghini Urus 6X6

Lamborghini urus 6x6
the rear profile looks out of proportion

There’s much to be curious about: Does the bi-turbo engine truly power the additional wheels?

Given its stark deviation from the original design, how did the custom workshop reconstruct the entire rear? The peculiar wheel arch over the extra wheels appears misplaced, creating discord with the vehicle’s overall aesthetic. What’s more, it’s intriguing to ponder the utilization of the added space – is there extra seating, or is it merely additional cargo space?

In an ideal scenario, the 6×6 Urus would have been equipped with a lifted suspension, granting it a menacing, apocalyptic-ready look. Given the little information currently available, it’s plausible that the vehicle is still a work in progress.

In conclusion, the Lamborghini Urus 6×6, with its eccentric design, may not win any beauty contests. Still, it commands attention and leaves many of us with lingering questions. As enthusiasts, we’re on the edge of our seats, eager to uncover more about this audacious venture. One thing’s for sure: In an apocalypse scenario, this is the Lamborghini you’d want to be in!

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